12 games to entertain children at home if you no longer know what to do

12 games to entertain children at home if you no longer know what to do

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What games do you usually propose to children when they are bored with everything at home and no longer know what to do? And the thing is, boys and girls, no matter how adventurous and explorers they may be, always need motivation or some idea to let out that wonderful creativity they have and be entertained. On our site we propose a series of home games for children to have a great time at home playing with mom and dad, and no, we don't mean seeing the pictures or anything like that. You're going to love it!

The traditional games like ludo or ludo, goose or cards ... are wonderful. Not to mention how much fun we all had at home watching an episode of the children's favorite series together or doing puzzles, cakes, bread ...

However, there are days when it seems that ideas are running out or that everything makes you lazy, right? No problem! To solve it we have a few ideas with which you can entertain your children have a good time, and they are also perfect for fostering your creativity and ingenuity!

We have divided the games by age to make it easier for you to find the activities that your children will enjoy the most.

For the little ones of all, we have two wonderful ideas that they and their parents will surely love. These activities are very entertaining for babies from 0 to 6 months.

1. Classify objects
The stuffed animals on this side, the construction games on the other, the cushions in this other pile ... It is simply a matter of placing objects according to their category. Take the opportunity to talk to him about the objects that have caught his attention the most. What fun!

2. Musical notes
Listen with your child in your arms to your favorite song, a classic piece or a new style for you. Not only will it help you to be entertained, but it will also be of great help to relax and strengthen ties. Another idea is to dance with your baby in your arms and, when the music stops, you too. Your baby will soon associate movement with music, it will be the discovery of the day that makes him most excited.

Babies from 6 months to 2 years old already know how to sit by themselves and those who are already past the year crawl, walk and run. Their mind is ready to know the world around them, so for those afternoons when you don't know what to do we have ...

3. Target shooting with a kitchen roll and colored circles
With the help of your child, paint and decorate an empty roll of toilet or kitchen paper. Next, prepare medium-sized circles with an opening in the center and decorate them too, you can use a normal sheet of paper or onion paper. The game consists of throwing the circles to try to put them inside the kitchen paper roll. He may not have great aim, especially if this is his first time playing something like that, but rest assured that he will like it a lot.

4. Cars with rolls of toilet paper
Have you ever made a car out of a roll of toilet paper? Sure yes, it is a classic. As your little one won't know how to use scissors yet, shape the car yourself and let him decorate it to his liking. When you have several it will be time to have a race, let's see who wins!

Anything you have around the house is likely to become the most fun toy, especially if Mom and Dad sit on the floor playing with the children. If your children are between two and four years old, feel free to do these home activities with them, and if they have older siblings, get involved too!

5. Paper ball racing
We prepare a few balls of paper, we can paint them before to make it more beautiful, and, blowing through a straw, we will have to carry the ball of paper to the goal. If your children love everything that has to do with crafts, encourage them to make a track for the races and even a cardboard medal for the winner.

6. Today we are bowling!
Yes, yes, today it's time to play bowling at home, but not just any, if not very special ones that we will make ourselves with empty bottles or bricks. As for the ball ... a squishy ball! How exiting!

How quickly time passes! It seems that they were born yesterday and look how much they have already grown ... As we cannot let a single day go by without boys and girls exploring their surroundings and letting their imaginations fly, we propose these entertaining activities.

7. We create our own train tracks
Don't be scared, it's very easy. With adhesive tape stuck to the ground we make the tracks, they can be painted, decorated, made bridges ... We put up a toy train and put at least two traffic lights made with rolls of paper so they know when they have to stop to pick up the travelers .

8. Paint a cardboard box
Have you bought something online and they sent it to you in a cardboard box? Great! With that and some jars of tempera, you already have everything you need to have a great time with your children at home. Propose them an idea or let them decorate it however they come up with. We can also use that box to create a garage, a dollhouse, a park with painted slides ... Have you seen what a simple cardboard gives of itself?

Experts recommend that children go outside to sunbathe, play sports and play with friends. But they also recommend that, when they are at home, they play alone or with siblings and that they not spend a lot of time watching television or using new technologies. With these proposals you will catch their attention the first time.

9. Treasure map
We prepare a map to find the treasure that we have hidden somewhere in the house, your children will have to find it by following the directions. To make it more interesting, do not tell them what treasure they are going to find. It can also be played backwards, children create the map and parents play explorers. You will have a laugh together!

10. Make the tic-tac-toe game
Do you have the game of tic-tac-toe at home? I'm not talking about what is bought, but about what is made with pieces of cardboard, stones, cardboard, bottle caps ... Having created it themselves, children will find it much more entertaining to play with it.

For children who are getting older we have some fun, educational and imaginative ideas that will eventually become their favorites. You already know that many times they are lazy and put problems with everything, so do not stop explaining that playing at home is also fun, especially if it is done as a family.

11. A very fun gymkhana
Numbers stuck on the ground that indicate the times they have to jump on the limp, balloons on the wall for them to try to reach, cushions for them to do a somersault and a riddle to solve before reaching the goal. Fun, right? Little challenges like these will become quite an adventure.

12. Collage robot with tools
This was done by my son in school recently and it has occurred to me that perhaps it is an idea that other children like a lot to do at home with the help of their parents. It's about creating a robot collage using different tools, buttons, clips, and the like. It is not necessary to stick it on the cardboard, just placing it and taking a photo (you can send it or show it to the grandparents by video call so they can see how good it is) will be enough.

What do you usually play at home? We will be happy to hear your ideas!

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