Friendship Fables for Children

Friendship Fables for Children

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Children's fables are a good tool to educate and teach children some of the most important values ​​in life, such as friendship. Children should know the importance of knowing how to take care of a friend, because in many cases they will be a great support when it comes to overcoming the obstacles that life does not put. Read with your children these fables that speak of friendship.

We want children to learn through children's fables, that is why we provide you with a collection of short stories where the main theme is friendship. It will be an excellent tool to explain to your children the importance of having a friend, knowing how to take care of him and being with him in the good and bad moments of life.

Another of the educational and literary resources at our disposal, in addition to children's fables, are short stories. The protagonists can be animals or flesh and blood characters and, as in fables, there is a moral or lesson that children can learn.

If at home you are working on the value of friendship and you have already finished reading all the fables that we propose above, it is time to move on to this selection of stories for children with a common denominator: everyone talks about what friends and companions can contribute to the children!

- The star and his new friends
How to talk to children about friendship, the importance of teamwork and solidarity? With this tender story (the tissues prepared because we warn you that you may shed the odd tear) it will be very easy.

- Three good friends
One of the 'problems' that children will encounter sooner or later is the fact of having to give in sometimes to continue maintaining their friendship relationship, something similar to what happens to Lobo, Mirlo and Sapo, the protagonists of this story.

- Sneaker race
Can you imagine that there could be someone in the world who does not want to have friends? You may think at first that you don't need anyone, but as time goes by you will realize that being alone is not good and that much more is achieved by being surrounded by good friends.

- Fluff, where are you?
In every friendship relationship, there is a fundamental ingredient: love. And this affection can change the world and cause a big bad wolf to feel tender and that, instead of wanting to eat a little sheep, he decides to become his best friend.

Did you know that, just like there is Mother's Day, Father's Day or Grandparents' Day, there is a date reserved on the calendar to celebrate the Friendship's Day? Officially and, as declared in 2011 by the United Nations, July 30 is Friendship Day, although there are some countries such as Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela or Peru in which it is celebrated on February 14, coinciding with Valentine's Day. , and others like Argentina, Brazil or Uruguay, who choose July 20 to honor this value.

Friendship is a very powerful and beautiful feeling because it is able to unite people from all over the world, of crossing borders and awakening feelings of cooperation and solidarity towards others. Through this value, situations of violence can be eradicated and a more stable society can be built, in addition to achieving harmony on this planet.

It is widely proven that, as explained in the report 'The quality of friendship in school-age children', carried out by the Faculty of Psychology - University of Buenos Aires, 'children choose as friends those individuals who are similar to them in some distinctive and relevant characteristic such as sex, age, socioeconomic level, among other reasons. '

If you've never celebrated Friendship Day, this year may be the first of many! Here are some ideas for you to encourage your children to pay homage to those people with whom every day in nursery school, at school or in the park they share their experiences, experiences and concerns.

- Movie session with friends
On Netflix, on HBO or on Amazon Prime there are a lot of movies that revolve around this feeling. Prepare a large bowl of popcorn, place the cushions on the floor because ... a very special movie session begins!

- Merendola on the terrace of the house with jokes included
Make an appointment with the children of your friends (agree with him to invite a small number, depending on the space you have) at your house to organize a snack in the backyard. You can ask your child to help you prepare the appetizers and canapes. It will be very fun! In this meeting you cannot miss jokes about friends. You will burst out laughing!

- Afternoon of crafts and friends
For the most creative and imaginative groups of friends, we have an ideal plan! Organize a craft workshop in which they will have to give life to some element related to friendship: it can be a drawing of everyone together, the design of a logo or ... whatever comes up!

- Theater and friendship united on this day
Another very cool option may be to choose a play with many characters that speaks of values ​​such as solidarity, respect, teamwork, collaboration and cooperation ... Do you like the idea?

Parents are aware of the influence that friends can have on the lives of children from birth to adolescence. That is why we wanted to put together a series of resources so that you, too, can learn more about your children's friendship and friends.

Teach your child to make friends, but also to say goodbye to them. When it comes time to say goodbye to friends, children feel a lot of emotions that, many times, they do not know how to manage! Teach your child to make friends, but also to say goodbye to them with these tips for parents.

My son always plays alone, is he autonomous or does he find it difficult to make friends? Some parents worry that their child always plays alone. They wonder if this is because he is autonomous or because he has a hard time making friends. We tell you how to help children develop their social skills and when you should worry about your child playing alone.

The technique to know if your child's friends are good friends. Find out with this technique to know if your child's friends are really good friends. The friendships of our children concern us parents a lot. Are they a good influence? We will tell you how to carry out the technique on the list to learn more about your child.

The valuable role of friends for children with dyscalculia. Friends of children with dyscalculia play an important role in helping them learn math despite the learning disorder they suffer with. Through an interesting story, we give you some strategies for friends to help these children.

Why does my son have no friends. We answer this question from many parents: why does my son have no friends. Some children have difficulty establishing friendships. And many times it is due to a problem of social skills that can be solved. We explain how to know if this happens to your child and how to solve it.

Friends and enemies of children's ears. We explain to you what are the friends and enemies of children's ears. Some sounds stimulate children's hearing. Others harm you. Find out what they are.

Play for children about friendship. This short play talks to children about friendship. It is titled They are friends and it talks about two children who celebrate the birthday of one of them. The script of the theatrical performances help us to educate our sons and daughters in values ​​while having a lot of fun.

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