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The head of colors. Children's tale about envy

The head of colors. Children's tale about envy

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Most children's stories convey values. Everyone has a message. And you can use them to explain to the child the meaning of values ​​such as prudence, solidarity or kindness.

In this case, the tale of Colored head, speaks of envy, that feeling that children and adults feel due to their high degree of personal dissatisfaction. Explain with this story to your child what that feeling is like and why he should reject it.

This is the incredible story of a very unique boy. I always wanted what I didn't have: the toys of his companions, the clothes of his cousins, the books of his parents ... and he became so envious that even the hairs on his head were envious.

One day it turned out that one of the hairs on the crown woke up green, and the other hairs, seeing it so special, were so envious that they all ended up green.

The next day, one of the hairs on his forehead was stained blue, and when he saw it, all the other hairs turned blue again. And so, day after day, the boy's hair changed color, carried away by the envy that all his hair felt.

Everyone loved his colored hair, except himself, that he was so envious that he wanted to have hair like other children. And one day, he was so angry about it, he pulled his hair in anger.

A thin hair could not bear the pull and was released, falling to the ground in a gentle flight ... and then, the other hairs, feeling envy, also came loose, and in a minute the boy had gone bald, and his surprised face seemed like a bad joke.

After many tears and rages, the boy understood that everything had been the result of his envy, and decided that from then on he would try to enjoy what he had without paying attention to other people's.

Trying to enjoy what he had, he found his head smooth and shiny, without a single hair, and took the opportunity to turn it into his particular canvas.

From that day on, he began to paint beautiful colored pictures on his bald head, which everyone liked so much that in time he became an original artist famous all over the world.

1. What did the envious child want?

2. What happened to the colors of your hair?

3. Why didn't you like colored hair?

4. What did the child learn from the envy of other children?

5. What have you learned from that story?

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