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The autumn tree. Stories about the seasons for children

The autumn tree. Stories about the seasons for children

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The Native American Indians have told their children from generation to generation this legend about the origin of autumn. A nice story for children to understand the changes of the season. The Autumn Tree is a traditional short story that you can read aloud to your children to explain how autumn comes after summer.

Long ago in a distant village there lived a very special Indian. He was a globetrotter: he traveled all the countries and when he returned home, the other Indians greeted him with joy. It was called Roadrunner.

He always carried a sack full of stories that he collected from all over the world. As soon as they arrived they all sat around the fire and listened to their stories.

One fine day he told them that there was a land that had such a mild climate that it could be said that it was always spring. And, sometimes, the trees wore gold and red colors, it was called Autumn.

The other Indians did not believe him because they had never seen trees of that color, they did not know autumn. They only had winter, spring and summer. I should bring a fall tree. And in this way Roadrunner traveled the world asking people where they could find autumn. But nobody knew how to answer him.

Many years passed, so many that Roadrunner already had white hair. And walking he came to a mysterious place ... In a cave he found a giant who presented himself as the Lord of cold. He said to him: 'If you really want to find autumn, it will cost you your life, will you be brave?' Roadrunner answered yes.

He followed the path indicated by the Lord of the Cold and found himself near his village, next to a rock where the spring of autumn was born, and he tasted its water. Then he noticed that his feet sank into the ground as if they had roots and that his arms and hands were stretched out, filling with red and gold leaves.

A soft scented breeze reached the town, the Indians following it were fascinated by the tree and realized that the Roadrunner had finally brought them autumn.

1. Who was Roadrunner?

2. What has Roadrunner been searching the world for for years?

3. Who has helped Roadrunner find what he was looking for?

4. What gift did Roadrunner bring to your village?

5. What have you learned from this story?

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