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San Isidro Day, May 15. Names for boys

San Isidro Day, May 15. Names for boys

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Isidro is a name for a boy of Greek origin that means 'gift of Isis'. It is the contraction of Isidore, so both names are equally valid for your son.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names today, its use is not outdated and has the strength of a long-standing tradition. Celebrate your name day May 15, which is the day of San Isidro, farmer pattern.

The history of San Isidro It is surrounded by legend by those two angels who came down from heaven to plow his fields while he prayed. But as much or more than for being the patron saint of farmers, San Isidro is known for the festivity that in his honor takes place in Madrid (Spain) and that has become one of the most popular festivals in the country.

Do you know what day this saint is celebrated? The calendar of the saints dedicates the May 15 to celebrate San Isidro Day. On this day, in Madrid a great fair is organized in which children can enjoy fairground attractions (roller coasters, ferris wheels, merry-go-rounds ...) and they can eat some of the most typical Madrid dishes: tripe, gallinejas, tortilla de potato ... Of course, no year is missing donuts from San Isidro. Traditionally they were made of two types: the lists, which were covered with sugar, and the dumb ones, which are eaten without seasonings.

At this festival, many people from Madrid dress in chulapos, the regional costume of the area, and dance chotis (a dance in which the man and the woman dance without leaving a small square on the ground). Nobody forgets to wear a carnation on the head and wear a Manila shawl on your shoulders!

Spanish saint, patron of the Villa de Madrid and of the farmers. Although there are not many biographical data about him and his life, it seems that he came into the world in the bosom of a humble family in Madrid. When he was very young, he was orphaned, so he had to look for different jobs. He started out as a pocero until he finally looked for workas a labrador.

A short time later, Isidro decided to move to another area further away from Madrid, to Torrelaguna. However, although he changed his address, he maintained the same type of life in which humility, work and prayer occupied his time.

He married a young woman named María, whom we know today as Santa María de la Cabeza. Even if Isidro was pious, devoted and hardworking, his wife did not follow him in this regard. But according to the story, thanks to his faith in God, he miraculously managed to save his only son who had fallen into a well.

Years later, Isidro returned to the city again and began working as a farm laborer in the service of a certain Juan de Vargas. He established his home next to the Church of San Andrés. It is said of him that he gave all he had to the needy, such was his solidarity. And even to hungry pigeons it gave the breadcrumbs on which it fed.

Because of the meaning of his name, Isidro has a charismatic personality and is full of dynamism. With an affable character and devoted to others, Isidro exerts an unusual influence on the people around him due to his good humor and sound judgment. In addition, his capacity for effort leads him to achieve success in the workplace as well.

The name Isidro is known in several languages ​​with hardly any variations, only the French Isidre. Both for its meaning and its sound, Isidro can be the ideal name for your son, since tradition and originality are mixed in him. A name that has not suffered any wear with the passage of time and that remains fully current.

In addition, on the other hand, we must mention that diminutives are not used very frequently for this name. Although the feminine form exists for women, Isidra, it is much less common.

We know several personalities named Isidro. How:

- The journalist and writer Isidro Cicero

- Graphic designer Isidro Ferrer

- The modernist painter Isidro Novell.

However, who has contributed the most to popularize the name of your son is the Saint from whom it has taken the name.

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