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I'm getting bored. Short stories for children about boredom at home

I'm getting bored. Short stories for children about boredom at home

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There is a phrase of our children that all parents fear: I get bored. And, when it springs from the lips of children, it does not usually come alone. It is usually repeated between a thousand and a million times. However, children also have to learn to get bored and find their own tools to entertain themselves. And how can we make them see this need? Through the short stories! Below you can read Marisa Alonso's story about boredom of children. It's titled 'I'm bored'.

I boooooooooooo I boooooooooo! I'm bored!

- Why can't we go out to the park? he asked his mother.

They hadn't been out on the street for three days at all, not even to go to school.

- As I already told you, we must stay home, Pablo. But how about we make some donuts? - her mother said.

Pablo went to the kitchen to drink water, and suddenly he saw three empty toilet paper rolls in the paper container. He picked them up and put them on the table in single file; He painted eyes, nose and mouth on them. 'What fun!' He thought. Then he dressed them in magazine clippings, each with a bow tie, vest and pants; he was entertained for a long time. When her mother arrived she said:

- How nice, Pablo!

- Mom, do you have wool to make hair? - asked Pablo.

And the dolls were beautiful on the shelf in his room.

Until lunchtime they were making the donuts, very entertaining. Then they ate, rested a little bit and ...

- I'm getting bored! I'm getting bored! I'm getting bored! - Pablo returned to the charge.

"Wait a minute for me to give your sister the porridge and let's play something," said his father, winking at him.

Pablo went to his room reluctantly; It was all untidy and he began to collect the toys and tidy up his room.

His mother, who had gone out to buy, would walk in the door when Pablo was reading a story.

- Good, Pablo! - He said, and gave him a big hug. His father also congratulated Pablo effusively.

The three of them played Parcheesi and Goose. Then her parents took care of their little sister Beva, gave her the bottle and started preparing dinner.

- I'm getting bored! I'm getting bored! I'm getting bored! - Pablo said again.

As he passed through the room where his sister was sleeping, he had a great idea: he took all the diapers out of the bags and with them he made an obstacle course along the corridor. He was jumping very entertainingly when his parents appeared through the kitchen door. They went to say something, but they looked at each other and didn't scold him; they jumped with him amused.

It was clear, their parents thought, that it was not a bad thing for Pablo to get bored from time to time.

How fun it can be to get bored, right? From the reading of this story, we can propose some exercises and activities to the children. Here we propose some ideas, do not hesitate to adapt them to the level of knowledge and age of your children.

- Reading comprehension questions
We start with a classic that can never be missed after reading a story or a text: reading comprehension questions. They will help you assess whether your child has understood the message of the story and whether he has paid attention to the reading.

  • What is the phrase that Pablo repeats the most in the story?
  • Do you remember any of the games the child has played for entertainment?
  • Were Pablo's parents angry with him?

- Questions to ponder with children
Once we know that the child has understood the story, we can reflect with him on what it conveys. To do this, we propose a series of questions that you can ask:

  • Do you remember a time when you were bored? How did you feel?
  • What did you do to not be bored?
  • So is boredom good or bad?
  • What other activities at home can you think of Pablo could have done?

This story helps children understand that they can find great ways to entertain themselves when they are bored. However, it also has to make us parents reflect on how good it is that our children, from time to time, get a little bored. These are some of the benefits of boredom for children.

1. Boredom is the spark that ignites the imagination
When children find themselves something fun to do, they put all their creativity and imagination to work. Suddenly, a blanket will become the best ghost costume; a cardboard box, in a castle in a distant kingdom; a hairbrush, on a superstar mic ...

2. Avoid overstimulation
Often times today we sin by overstimulating children. We give them thousands of toys with sounds and lights because we believe that this way we will stimulate their senses and help them in their development. However, excessive stimulation makes children become passive subjects of their learning.

3. We teach children to solve their problems
When children get bored and look for fun ways to pass the time, we are teaching them an important lesson: you can do something yourself to solve the problems that you dislike in your day to day life. And there are many creative ways to find solutions! This also encourages the autonomy of children.

4. We take the opportunity to transmit emotional education to children
When a child tells us that 'I'm bored!' it is a perfect occasion to point out that boredom is an emotion. We must tell him that everyone is bored at times, and that we ourselves are also bored sometimes, but it is in our power to change this emotion that, although it is not bad because it has its benefits, it is unpleasant.

Children often say they are bored when they are actually feeling other emotions such as sadness or homesickness. We must take the opportunity to help them differentiate each of these sensations.

Be careful not to fall into the other extreme! It's okay to let kids get bored sometimes, but we can't allow them to be bored all the time! And is that this situation could produce a lack of stimuli, especially in the case of younger children, which could affect their development and learning.

For this reason, below we propose some short stories and other games that we can play with children at home to teach them to end boredom.

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