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Princess Henar does not have a Carnival costume

Princess Henar does not have a Carnival costume

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Short stories are ideal for transmitting values ​​to children. They are especially suitable for very young children. Use the stories to explain the meaning of such abstract words as frustration, sadness, imagination ...

In this case, you can use the theme of Carnival to talk about the importance of everything that is not seen. Talk to him about appearances, authenticity, honesty, and above all, imagination. How with the imagination you can get wishes. Don't miss the children's story 'Princess Henar has no costume'.

Princess Henar lived in a beautiful castle. She had beautiful dresses, a gold comb, hundreds of toys, and even a chattering mirror.

Princess Henar had everything: a docile and playful dog, a mischievous cat, a celestial bird that sang with the first rays of the sun.

Princess Henar had ten servants, a governess, and twenty lackeys. But the princess was sad. Carnival was only ten days away and Princess Henar couldn't find a costume.

Not even her fairy dresses. Not their silver wire suits. Not their crowns, masks, necklaces, or even their satin shoes. He didn't like anything. So Henar, the sad little princess who had everything, had no Carnival costume.

The girl cried and cried and her mother, the queen, decided to urgently call all the fairies of the kingdom.

Dozens and dozens of fairies from all corners came to the Fairy Convention. Conch proposed a sea fairy costume. Dawn ray, one of Empress of the Sun. But Princess Henar was still sad and she would not stop crying. Until a very, very small fairy, as small as a marble, crept up to her.

Since the Breeze fairy was so tiny, no one noticed. Princess Henar does. The Fairy Breeze took some paintings from his pocket and gave them to the girl.

- You yourself will create your costume - he said in a very soft voice.

Princess Henar jumped from her throne, her little eyes full of light. For the first time, she stopped crying, and all the fairies stopped talking.

Princess Henar picked up a blank piece of paper and began to draw: a rainbow fish, a little brass boat, a dragon flower. Everything, as he painted it, came to life and became reality. His magical paintings began to dream: a star with freckles in the heart, a turquoise giraffe, a striped elephant and finally, his costume. A simple dress, like the ones worn by the other girls with whom she could hardly play: all those girls who dreamed of being princesses and whom she wanted to imitate.

Princess Henar's costume was extremely simple: a little flared skirt and brightly colored stockings. But it seemed like the best costume to her. And then the girl began to laugh and laugh and laugh without stopping. Princess Henar I finally had a carnival costume. No frills, no jewelry. No great designs. Only your dreams finished off with the threads of your imagination.

After telling a story, we are always left wondering whether the child will have understood the story. It is true that, depending on your age, you will be able to capture more information and / or more nuances, but the best way to find out is by doing some of the following reading comprehension exercises.

1. Reading comprehension questions

- What did Princess Henar have?

- Princess Henar had it all but why was she sad?

- What happened to make Princess Henar stop crying?

- What was Princess Henar's costume like?

- What have you learned from this story?

2. What word is missing?

- Princess Henar had everything: a docile and playful _____, a mischievous cat.

- Dozens and dozens of _____ from all corners came to the Fairy Convention.

- Princess Henar jumped from her throne, her little eyes full of _____.

- Princess Henar's _____ was very simple.

3. Looking for groups of words

- You have to find the names of five animals in the text.

- Will you be able to point out at least three verbs in their past form?

- Various colors are mentioned in the text. Name at least three.

'Princess Henar has no costume' is not the only Carnival-themed tale that you can find. Next, we present a list of more funny stories for you to tell your children while you are in the car, on the way to school or before bed. You choose!

The stories are, without a doubt, an excellent resource to enjoy the Carnival party or any other event throughout the year. But in addition to showing these magical creations to your little ones, you can take the opportunity to carry out a lot of activities typical of these dates. Here we launch our proposals!

- Create your own parade
If you are one of those who do not like crowds, but you do not want to miss the Carnival parade, what if you mount your own at home? To make it more fun you can invite cousins ​​or school children and, if you are a lot of people, go down to the park with some sandwiches. Deadline!

- Cooking Carnival recipes
We all like to eat, but first you have to cook and that moment can become a great family moment. Andalusian pestiños are one of the typical desserts of these dates, do you dare to prepare them? Other options that are also very tasty are the banana custard or the fruit banners with yogurt.

- Customize your own costume
If you want to give your Carnival costume a touch of mystery, you have to make your own mask! In this way, it will be difficult for people to recognize and identify you. What can be a lot of fun?

- Take a trip without leaving home
And finally, we suggest you go around the world without having to take planes or pack suitcases. Tell your children that Carnival is celebrated all over the planet and that in each country or city there are similar and / or different traditions.

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