6 environmental education games to bring nature closer to children

6 environmental education games to bring nature closer to children

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Caring for the environment is something that should concern us all, since it is a reality that endangers our health and even our existence on the planet where we live. Teaching children to take care of the environment around them is essential. And, as always, the best way to transmit learning to the little ones is through fun activities. Therefore, we propose some environmental education games that bring children closer to nature.

It seems that today, many children living in cities have lost that bond with nature that previous generations enjoyed. This takes them away from the natural environment, with the disadvantages that this has for children's health and for their development.

Hence, we must take into account the following keys:

- In nature, children learn
We cannot forget that nature is a fundamental place where children can learn and develop many skills and competencies, such as sensitivity, empathy, teamwork ... In addition, it is a place of motivation and experimentation, since it encourages children to browse and be the protagonists of their learning.

- Natural environments teach values
Taking care of nature helps children to work on responsibility, but it also strengthens their self-esteem. When we talk about how important their role is in this fight against pollution, they feel special and, above all, useful.

- Awareness comes first
Given how important environmental education is to children, it is never too early to start working on it. From the earliest childhood, we can already talk to children about plastics, recycling or pollution.

- We must set an example for children
In addition, we cannot forget that the first step to make children aware of the importance of caring for the environment is to be aware of ourselves (parents, teachers and other adults who are part of children's lives) about the need for our actions are increasingly 'ecofriendly'. We cannot forget that we guide the behavior of the little ones and, therefore, we must be the first to get involved in caring for the environment.

And how can we involve children in caring for the planet? Through play and fun activities! Here we propose some resources that will help children learn to take care of the environment.

1. Take walks in nature
We cannot expect children to appreciate nature if we do not bring them closer to it. Therefore, we must propose walks through the natural environments that are closest to us. Maybe we can go on a mountain excursion, we can plan an afternoon of hiking, a route through a valley ...

We can take advantage of these wild days so that we can tell the little ones that we cannot leave the waste that we have generated in the food in the field, that we must respect the ecosystems that surround us, that we cannot lift the stones because we could be spoiling their house at some insect ...

2. The game of clues
Nature is the ideal place to organize a game of clues for children. It is about leaving a series of codes or animal tracks that the children must guess. We can also propose that they find out the species of trees that surround them or the songs of the birds that are heard ... All these games will make the children stop to observe and experience the natural environment that surrounds them.

3. Plant a chickpea
An activity as simple as planting a chickpea in a small container (or the bottom of a bottle) can be very exciting. The children will go through the whole process of planting, watering and growing a plant.

4. Trash
This game is designed to be played with a group of children. You have to make teams and give each one an empty bag. In it they must put all the waste that they find in the area where we organize the game. The winning team will be the one that manages to collect the most trash from nature.

5. Basket the waste
We take boxes or baskets to which we put some kind of poster of one color: blue, green, yellow or brown. We draw a line on the floor, which will be where the game participants will be located, and at a certain distance we put the boxes or baskets. Next, we give the children different waste: plastic bottles, a paper magazine, the peel of a banana ... Will they be able to put it in the right container?

Caution: in the case of glass waste, it is best to approach the box to deposit it, rather than throw it from a distance.

6. Change your day-to-day habits
Finally, to teach children to take care of nature, we must incorporate small changes in habits that are more ecological into their daily lives. For example, it is better to take showers than baths, you always have to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, we can take advantage of both sides of the sheet to paint ... And let's remember one thing: whenever we think about it as a game, the children they will learn better.

What do you do at home to bring your children closer to nature?

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