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Saint Eva's Day, December 19. Baby girl names

Saint Eva's Day, December 19. Baby girl names

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Eve is a name for a girl of Hebrew origin that means 'the one who gives life', as corresponds to the first woman and, therefore, to the one who, together with Adam, gave rise to the human race. A moving mythical story that we cannot miss and that makes the name of your daughter one of the most frequent. He celebrates his name day on December 19, which is the day of Santa Eva.

He name Eva is a name for girl that implies a duality of character It varies from being very sociable and trying to please others, to needing unusual intimacy in order to reflect. Eva is an energetic, active and commanding person. Her magnetic and dynamic personality makes people admire her and have no qualms about considering her as a member of the family.

Given the meaning of Eve related to life, it was a very frequent name in the Middle Ages, although it later fell into disuse. But today it is one of the most frequent and preferred names by girls around the world. Thus, we find the name Eva with few variants, the form of the English and French name of Eve.

Although the character that is most easily related to your daughter's name is the biblical eve, the biblical name for the first woman who was created from Adam's rib and who was the origin of humanity. Considered as the mother of the human race, but with negative connotations making her responsible for the original sin when she bit the forbidden apple.

If you want your daughter to learn to write hername Eva in calligraphy and you can also color it in uppercase and lowercase letters with the colors you like the most, you just have to click on the name Eva to print her beautiful name.

Spectacular women have carried the name Eva throughout history and continue to carry it today. The most beloved and popular was the Argentine Eva Duarte de Perón, - Evita Perón- a first lady whose beauty and magnetism provoked the admiration of the whole world.

She was one of the first women to fight for gender equality and to promote women's suffrage. 'A women's movement would be of no use in a world without social justice' or 'Where there is a need, there is a right' are some of his phrases that still remain with us.

But we cannot forget the statuesque Czech model Eva Herzigova, the singer from Amaral, Eva María, the presenter Eva González, the actress Eva Longoria, women who are in charge of giving status and glamor to your daughter's name.

Compound names have been a trend in recent years, and when in doubt between two options, more and more parents choose to combine two proposals. In the case of Eva it is very frequent, since it is a short name that rhymes and goes well with any other. Do you want to see which ones sound the best and the most popular?

With Eva ahead

  • Eva Maria
  • Eva Alejandra
  • Eva Sofia
  • Eva Luna
  • Eva Marisa

With Eva from behind

  • Angela Eva
  • Bibiana eva
  • Alejandra Eva
  • Alicia eva
  • Sonia Eva

December 19 is the big day for girls, mothers, aunts, grandmother and / or cousins ​​named Eva, but throughout the year they have other dates to celebrate their birthday. Write them down on your calendar!

  • Saint Eva martyr: February 11 and August 30.
  • Santa Eva Casals, patron saint of the beautiful: June 20.
  • Santa Eva, nun: June 25.
  • Saint Eva, virgin: September 6.

In addition, we must not forget that on December 19, in addition to congratulating these women, you also have to celebrate other saints and blesseds:

  • December 20, Theophilus
  • December 21, Thomas
  • December 22, Demetrius
  • December 23, Victoria
  • December 24, Adela
  • December 25, Nativity
  • December 26 Esteban
  • December 27, Juan
  • December 28, Victor
  • December 29, David
  • December 30, Raúl
  • December 31, Silvestre

And we cannot finish this review of the world of saints, without mentioning those that take place in the second half of December. Don't miss any!

  • Saint Anastasius I pope
  • Saint Gregory Bishop of Auxerre
  • Saint Nemesio
  • Blessed William of Fenolis
  • Blessed Urban V Pope

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And we can't finish our review of Eva's name without dwelling on what the science of numerology says about it. For them we have to add the digits that are hidden behind each of the letters (E-5, V-3 and A-1) until there is only one number, in this case, 9. What is hidden about the personality of Eva? We warn you: good things and not so good things.

Positive traits
If the boys and girls who are governed by 9 stand out for something, it is because of their ease of learning. And it is that this digit will be very present in all their qualifications. They will always be the most advanced of the class and that will allow them to always stand out in the classroom and become almost unwittingly leaders of the group. Another good thing that will make them win the affection of their peers is that they will use their great intellectual capacity to help friends who find it more difficult to assimilate certain knowledge. All a love!

Negative traits
Knowing their qualities, they will trust themselves too much and that may, at times, everything turn against them. Not knowing how to use this great ability well can cause that instead of standing out and taking advantage of it to reach the top, they plummet into a dark world full of darkness. As parents, you must lead them and see the good side they have and, above all, teach them everything they can achieve. Also that things require effort and they have to learn to value them. Tip: challenge him every day to help him grow.

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