Hello. Poems for children

Hello. Poems for children

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Poetry is a very important literary genre for children, it is present almost without realizing it from birth, and that is because lullabies and lullabies are nothing other than sung poetry.

Poems help children to stimulate their sensitivity, their feelings, to perceive emotions, in addition to helping them to expand their vocabulary and enhance their memory.

Morning comes;
everyone gets up
and the clouds send
the crib to the bed.

There is a meeting:
people and things
curious crowd
in my room.

An alarm clock,
the sun, a fairy,
a canary flute
and a talking cricket

They try, eager,
find the way
to wake me up
of my beautiful dream.

The cricket, the canary
and the alarm clock
without concert or order
they sing their song.

The fairy, nervous
wand waves
and a sack appears
with a thousand bells.

When i open my eyes
(now the good is going)
my mother is coming
says good morning!
and he eats me with kisses.

Juan Dueñas
Book of poems 'Ten out of ten'
Alfar editions

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