Will it be possible to cut my son's hair?

Will it be possible to cut my son's hair?

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At about a year, our baby's hair can be very different from that soft cap of the first months. Now perhaps your baby begins to have abundant and strong hair, and surely he needs to have his first peeling and, although it has its grace to be able to give him a fashionable haircut or get rid of those unsightly mismatched chivarras, perhaps we do not know very much well how to approach this first aesthetic challenge.

The main difficulty is in how to control that a child of one year or more so that he does not move or is not afraid of the unknown hairdresser, the noise of the machine or the scissors. I remember that my last visit to the hairdresser, a lady took her little boy, who was about two years old, to cut his hair, or I don't know whether to say rather that it took him to torture, because despite the beautiful bambi-shaped seat of the hairdresser and everyone's kind words, the boy howled uncontrollably.

While he was being held tightly by his mother, the hairdresser that jets of sweat fell down his back for fear of taking an ear in the attempt. Although young children sometimes "delight us" by experiencing these agonizing trances, we must not put ourselves in the worst case. The children's hairdresser usually knows how to win the child's trust and knows how to correct uneven strands in the shortest possible time or aesthetically shave the child with the machine without further complications.

In the same way, also many moms and dads, with varying degrees of skill, dare to be the ones who cut their little one's hair at home, especially when they observe that he is calm or enthralled with a toy. To avoid these episodes or refusals, we must offer them a family environment (who knows the person who cuts their hair, if possible), a short explanation, a short wait, some entertainment that relaxes them: eat a candy, play with a toy , read him a story or watch a video You are sure to be successful and avoid shearing!

Patro Gabaldon. Copywriter

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