How to wean the baby and finish the breastfeeding stage

How to wean the baby and finish the breastfeeding stage

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The weaning of the baby marks a very important change in the evolution of our son. So that this stage does not become a frustrating moment for both the baby and the mother, it is best to do it progressively.

The matron Sara cañamero gives us some tips for the beginning of the weaning stage.

After 6 months, the mother can decide, for whatever reasons, that it is time for weaning. Ideally, this should be done gradually. This way it will not be traumatic for the mother or the baby.

The gradual way to start weaning is not to offer the baby the breast but not to prohibit it. Must be stop taking shots gradually, trying to space more and more the moment in which the baby is put to the breast.

The last shot that should be left is the evening shot, since this shot is the most important for the baby. The reason is that night feeding helps babies fall asleep. That is why you can gradually eliminate shots during the day and keep the night shot for longer.

How to stop this last shot? The most advisable thing is that the roles are changed, and it is the father who gives the baby bottle at night with formula milk. It is better because the baby does not associate his father with breastfeeding.

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