Suitable family environment for a hyperactive child

The role of parents of hyperactive children it is essential for their recovery. Parents represent the source of security, role models, the reflection of what their children feel they are, the fundamental basis on which they build their own scale of values ​​and the concept of discipline and authority. The best or worst evolution of the symptoms of the hyperactive child depends largely on the parents.

Achieving a structured family environment is one of the most difficult conditions to achieve. The family of a hyperactive child needs a very clear organization and structure, however, some aspects related to the child's own neurological disease make it difficult to do so:

1. Hyperactive adult. On some occasions, this disease is hereditary and at least one of the parents is a hyperactive adult, who in turn finds it difficult to organize, be orderly and not get upset.

2. Anxiety. Parents are often very anxious about the difficulties their child is facing.

3. Expectations. Sometimes expectations are not right for the child. A lot is demanded of him in some aspects and he is overprotected in others.

4. Educational limits. The hyperactive child is more difficult to handle if clear and consistent educational boundaries are not set.

5. Specific times. Parents frequently put a limit on bad habits (they call him to bathe and if he does not come, they force him to do so), but not at the right time (they call him 10 times before going for him), which causes them to apply the limits, when they are fed up, in moments of emotional lack of control.

6. Misconduct. Many parents cannot foresee high-risk situations, so they cannot prevent their children's misbehavior.


How to prevent
If we're going to be in the waiting roomWe carry pencils, a notebook and a car.
A long driveWe grab a car playbook and story tapes and make enough stops before it gets upset
He is very slow to get dressed in the morning and also gets confused with nothingBetter to wake him up 15 minutes before and thus, everyone more relaxed
He remembers things at the last minuteWe pack the backpack at night and get him used to using an agenda.
He doesn't like to do homework, because he misses out on favorite pictures.We record the drawings and see them later if there is time


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