Being a parent is not always easy or pleasant

Being a parent is not always easy or pleasant

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Many say that we are facing a generation of spoiled children, jealous children, tyrant children, aggressive children, children who do not obey, children who do not study, etc. That's true?

Many times I wonder if we are ready to be parents, if we give our children what they need or we give them only what gives us time or what we know. We do what we can, but is that enough?

Without a doubt, children are a valuable treasure, today more than ever we are aware of it. Never before have children been so socially valued and loved, and yet children sometimes seem to fall short of our expectations. Children have the right to have someone to take care of their education and they have the freedom that their good behavior gives them. Too much permissiveness or a lack of boundaries, guidance, or dedication are a lousy legacy for your future.

Of course, I do not want to put all parents in the same bag, but perhaps we are spoiling our children when we do not know how to define the terrain, when we abandon the education of our children in the hands of third parties: teachers or caregivers, or when we praise them too.

How many times do we complain that our child does this or stops doing it! Surely on the mind of everyone who is going to become a father is to do his best, to be a good father, but do we know what it is to be a good father? I'm not talking about perfection, just that we seek excellence in our parenting (no one gives what they don't have), it sure is good (wanting to be a father and practice as such).

Parents must do everything we must do, there will be mistakes and there will be difficulties along the way, but no one who is on the path of parenthood does not ever stumble. We cannot demand of our children what we do not give them. Let's be generous and give them all the best of our heritage. If we intend to demand respect, responsibility, affection and exemplarity from our children, we must have previously sown these values ​​in them. If the tender tree deviates from its path and bends, many times it is because we have not put the necessary guides, and the wind and inclement weather destroy it.

We would like to have an instruction book! Being a parent is not always easy or pleasant, although there are unique and wonderful moments, there are also moments when we are tempted to throw in the towel. Good father, is the one who, like Rocky, resists blows and scores high. For this, our dedication, in quantity and quality, is necessary to ensure that our son has a privileged place in our life plan. Nobody says that it is easy to educate, but of course, it is really satisfying when we are victorious.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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