Weaning. When to stop breastfeeding

Weaning. When to stop breastfeeding

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The newborn feeding It is one of the most common concerns in new parents. Mothers who decide to go for breastfeeding often doubt when to stop breastfeeding.

Weaning, that is, the end of breastfeeding and the introduction of new foods in the baby's diet is controversial reason and it varies based on many aspects, from medical to social.

The World Health Organization considers it essential to maintain exclusive breastfeeding, based solely on the mother's milk, during the first six months of the baby's life. From then on, it is recommended to continue breastfeeding for at least 2 years, supplemented with other foods.

According to experts from National Institute of Pediatrics of Mexico (INP), weaning should start from the sixth month. They also recommend to mothers subjected to work stress that if they eat a mixed diet once they start working, they should monitor their milk production, as it can suffer a decline and affect the development of your child.

The change in diet and the introduction of porridges and solid foods in the baby's diet have also raised doubts in the experts. According to the INP, there is evidence that babies who have eaten solid foods during the first six months of life have suffered a higher incidence of disease like diarrhea.

In addition, experts consider that it is after six months when breast milk is no longer capable, by itself, of satisfying the nutritional needs of the baby.

If we add to this fact that the child already has developed your digestive system To support this type of diet and their neuromuscular abilities, such as being able to keep the head and trunk upright and increase the movement of their hands, it is recommended that it be just at six months when the weaning process begins, so that the baby is also able to participate in their feeding.

Sources: World Health Organization and National Institute of Pediatrics of Mexico

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