Tricks to avoid rubbing children

Tricks to avoid rubbing children

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Many children are uncomfortable with some of the clothes they wear on a day-to-day basis. For many, wearing a diaper begins to be uncomfortable when they appear scratches produced by their materials.

It also happens with some garments, or even with the footwear that is chosen at a given moment. Therefore, it is advisable to know certain tricks so that the clothes, diapers or shoes that children wear do not make them feel uncomfortable and provoke them painful chafing.

Having a scratch on the baby's legs or the groin because of the diaper is something most uncomfortable for the little ones. This can be a trick for parents when trying to get a child to ditch the diaper and control their sphincter, but it can be a nightmare for babies who have yet to wear it.

- To avoid scratches with the diaper, or a painful dermatitis, it is recommended that the baby's skin, both his buttocks and the area of ​​the legs, is always dry. That is, barely wet diaper change, or dry the dermis well after bathing, to that the diaper does not rub and ends up causing a wound.

- A hydration in depth, with products that are not aggressive for the skin, such as creams or mild oils, but that ensure that it is not cracked or excessively dry and this facilitates the appearance of chafing.

- Another tip with the diaper is to keep the genitals always with perfect hygiene and not too tight the diaper so that it does not give rise to scratches that will hurt the baby. Check that the diaper size is correct.

The problems of chafing children's clothing come internally due to the composition of the garments.

- It is necessary to choose cotton garments that do not cause these damages to the skin.

- Cut labels on T-shirts and underwear.

- Avoid undergarments with items that can dig into the skin, such as buttons or brackets.

- On the other hand, it is convenient that when a child is already small, we do not continue to wear certain clothes that make the seams rub.

- It is also recommended that the skin is not extremely dry, that is, although dry thoroughly after bathing or if it has been wet by something specific, it is not dry but hydrated. The same thing that happens with the diaper can be given with the clothes if the clothes are too tight or the skin is in bad condition.

Another nightmare for the skin can be the abrasions caused by shoes:

- So that children do not suffer from abrasions caused by closed shoes or sandals in good weather, it is necessary that they always wear the size that corresponds to them. It may seem like a no-brainer, but it's true that wearing shoes a size smaller, or even a little larger, can end rubbing that are the most painful.

- Another trick to prevent the shoes from rubbing is, when the shoe is still left over, add a insole or cotton in the toe area, so that the footwear is soft and the feet do not suffer.

- On the other hand, we can also give a base of moisturizing cream inside the shoe, which will soften the area that is in contact with the toes and the heel.

- For open shoes that cannot wear socks, but that rub if they are so closed, nothing better than a thin stocking that covers the toes so that they do not get injured.

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