Children and laptop use

Children and laptop use

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We are always with the same thing and the impression it gives me is that children are no longer interested in playing with the ball, Parcheesi, wrists, or rope, because among so many devices that technology launches on the market, specially oriented to them, I suppose that traditional toys, those of a lifetime, will accumulate on the shelves in their room. Now, many children ages 6 to 12 already have a laptop just for themselves.

Every time the computers that come to the market are smaller and easier to use. Some have a system that protects them against the spillage of liquids, a shock-resistant material and a control system with which parents can monitor and control the websites that their children access, as well as determine the time they use the device. computer.

I wonder when the children will have time to make use of everything they have at home. Between consoles, Playstation, television, Wii, mobile, Ipod, and that I only mean technological devices, How long will a child need to enjoy everything? When will they be able to play a sport, play with their friends in the yard, go to the park, and study. I become a girl for a few moments, and I get dizzy with so many alternatives.

And a very big concern comes to me. I am not against technology. On the contrary, today I live on the Internet. I resisted at first, mainly when I stopped going to the newsstand to buy the newspaper on weekdays. I recognize that hooks upBecause having quick access to everything attracts. But when I wonder if it's a necessity for my daughter, I think not yet. To learn yes, surf the internet, just enough, but if it is to replace a boredom, an addiction, and without control, no, resounding.

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