The threat of flu to pregnant women increases with the cold

The threat of flu to pregnant women increases with the cold

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Why is the flu more common in the cold months? According to scientists, the flu virus, also known as Influenza, is best transmitted in cold weather. The contagion rate is higher at low temperatures.

During the hottest months, there is higher humidity and contagion becomes more complicated since the virus survives better with low humidity. Pregnant women, therefore, have to be alert to a possible contagion of the virus. In We tell you about the risks of passing the flu during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is not a disease. However, during pregnancy the woman undergoes many changes to develop the embryo and make her little baby grow. With so many physical and hormonal changes, pregnant women are more vulnerable to opportunistic diseases, including the flu, and to all infections, since your immune system is naturally depressed with pregnancy.

For this reason, you have to be very careful with contagion with the flu virus if you are pregnant, and it is very important that the future mother strictly follows the same preventive measures. If you are pregnant, you should avoid greetings and kisses, as well as contact or visiting sick people.

In the event that you catch the flu, and you start with a fever, you should try to lower it as soon as possible with paracetamol (which is a safe drug in pregnancy) and contact the health services as soon as possible so that they can carry out an individual assessment of your case for a safe diagnosis. Fever is usually present in 97 percent of pregnant women with the flu. Controlling fever is a priority goal of medical treatment. Also, it is necessary to rest in bed.

The flu virus cannot cross the placenta therefore it cannot be transmitted to the baby, however, it can suffer the side effects of the symptoms suffered by the mother such as: loss of appetite, dehydration or respiratory problems.

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