Communication and the father's bond with his baby

Communication and the father's bond with his baby

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I am convinced that the language that fathers have with babies is not the same that mothers have with their little ones. It is as if they speak another 'language' to each other. The mother's bond with her child it is created when the little one is still in its womb. There are parents who take months to fully connect with their child.

The mother's bond with her baby is born and reborn every moment, during breastfeeding, changing diapers, at bedtime, going for a walk, carrying him in her arms. As for parents, getting along with the baby represents a challenge for them. Dads can't try to be another mom, nor should they. They should be themselves and bond with the child in their own way. At the end of the day, caring for a newborn baby does not only imply breastfeeding, or having it clean and stimulated. It also requires creating affective bonds through touch, play, taking them to sleep, attending to them or talking to them.

It is enriching for the baby that both the mother and the father establish a communication channel and a bond with him. My husband, at first, found it impossible to change our daughter's diaper or feed her. He learned it little by little, but because he wanted to and proposed it to him. There are parents who don't even get there. They are afraid of getting dirty or 'starving' their little one. Of course, some of them are very funny. I remember that to put his son to sleep at night, a neighbor would lower his baby in the stroller to the patio and would go around and around with the little one until he fell asleep and fell asleep.

Parents have a very unique way of connecting with their children. To be sure, many of them are more resourceful, more creative, and less fearful than we are. Parents are very particular in these matters, especially when the baby is still very young. Some only manage to interact with their children after 6 months, when the baby already holds the head and begins to babble.

However, times change and it is noticeable that today parents are much more involved in taking care of your baby. It does not matter, if in our opinion they do it right or wrong. What matters is that they try, to the point that there are fathers who, incredible as it may seem, take better care of their babies than mothers. There are parents who take it great! They may not do well dressing the baby, but taking him for a walk, to the pediatrician or to the nursery, they are great. Suggesting adventures, entertaining him while he eats, calming him down at bedtime, or reading him a story, some also do very well. I don't know if that's why, but the first word babies usually say is'dad'.

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