Peace Day at the children's school

Peace Day at the children's school

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All the children celebrate today the School Peace Day with different events in schools, which aim to make children aware of the value of this goal, which world society has not yet achieved. One of my sons had to wear a green t-shirt today to celebrate Peace Day at school, the oldest a gray backpack ... to participate in a collective activity. Thus, all the children in each of the school classes did their bit by bringing something symbolic from home to participate in a common act of great value: Peace.

A fantastic idea that serves to highlight the importance of peace and non-violence in education, through solidarity and respect for human rights. And it is that this day requires the participation of all, of educators in the first place to offer children the values ​​that help them to forge a more supportive, fairer, more dignified and free world.

Since its declaration for the first time in 1964, after a pioneering, non-governmental, independent and voluntary initiative of non-violent and pacifying education by the Spanish professor Llorenç Vidal, the culture of peace aims to make possible the peaceful development of society in general, the protection of the environment and the personal satisfaction of each human being.

For this reason, there are many of us who believe that the celebration of the school Peace Day It is a wonderful opportunity to help schools become instruments of peace and understanding among children of different races, cultures and religions. The school is the reflection of the society where it is educated for life. Educating in values ​​as important as Peace is the goal that adults seek to turn this world into a better world.

Also, this day commemorates the death of the national and spiritual leader of India, Mahatma Gandhi, who on January 30, 1948, was shot dead by a Hindu fanatic. Many were the phrases that this Indian thinker and politician left in this world for the reflection of society in general. Some of the most famous could be these: 'Violence is fear of the ideals of others'; 'There is no way to peace, peace is the way', 'What is obtained with violence can only be maintained with violence.'

Marisol New.

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