Carnival of children around the world

Carnival of children around the world

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Joy, music, dance, songs, parades, costumes and above all, lots of fun, make the Carnival is one of the funniest parties of the year. Both young and old have a great time. It is the perfect excuse for the whole family to go out to celebrate the most joyous party of the year.

Children love to dress up and become, at least for a day, their favorite character. However, Carnival is not only music, color and costumes, but it is also story and tradition, and therefore, depending on the place where the celebration takes place, the costumes are different. More showy or more traditional, the whole country turns to celebrate this great festival that has already become a show for the whole family.

The best-known carnivals in the world that bear the title of Festival of International Interest are: Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Venice (Italy), Barranquilla (Colombia), Tenerife and Cádiz (Spain).

- Rio de Janeiro's carnival: It is carnival in Rio de Janeiro and the cariocas take to the streets to the rhythm of samba to worship this festival. Dance schools flood the Sambadrome and the entire country vibrates to the rhythm of music.

Every year it attracts thousands of visitors from all over the planet, and it is not surprising, since it is one of the most spectacular parades in the world. A show in which children are also the protagonists.

The smallest of the house are in charge of parading to the rhythm of samba in a float dedicated especially for them. Also, amid so much celebration, children will be able to taste the tasty Brigadeiros, a typical Brazilian sweet made with chocolate that will delight the little ones. Four days of festivities that surround the inhabitants of Rio.

- Venice's Carnival: The Venice carnival is unique in the world and its tradition dates back to the 11th century. The typical costumes of the Venetian carnival are period costumes from the 17th century.

One of the things that most attracts the attention of tourists who come to the beautiful Italian city, are the beautiful masks, which are the most characteristic element of this Venetian tradition. A party where fun has room for the whole family.

Children are the big stars of this party, since they are in charge of choosing the most beautiful mask of the entire Carnival. Venice is transformed into an authentic theatrical setting where dances, songs, puppet theater and the beauty of costumes and masks are its great hallmark.

The Venetian carnival is dedicated, above all, to children. In Campo San Polo, the party dedicated to the smallest of the house takes place, where actors and animators invite children to play with the stories and masks of the Venetian Carnival.

Saltimbanquis, clowns and harlequins will be in charge of transporting the charm of the Venetian carnival to the little ones. Ten days in which Venice is involved in a theatrical show full of magic.

- Carnival of Barranquilla: It is one of the most recognized in the world and the most colorful and striking in all of Colombia. It is the party that the whole family can enjoy. The Children's Carnival is a space for participation for the little ones, in which cultural values ​​and traditions are highlighted. In addition to learning about history and tradition, the little ones can take part in the parades, floats, shows and the flower battle that takes place every year. The most traditional costumes of Barranquilla's carnival are the marimonda, the garabato, the congo, the bull and the monocuco.

In this celebration, the children become the real protagonists, where they even enjoy their own parade in which they can choose their own Carnival kings. They, with their joy, tenderness and spontaneity, show their love for these festivals, which have been declared a World Heritage Site.

- Tenerife Carnival: Parades, floats, queens, comparsas, murgas, everything seems to indicate that the Carnival of Tenerife is approaching! At this time, young and old take to the streets to dance to the sound of the street orchestras and the tropical rhythms that flood this Canary Island for more than a week. At the Tenerife carnival, children can also be part of this tradition, participating in the children's costume contest and choosing their own Carnival queen.

They also have their own Carnival, the Carnavalito, and they will be able to witness the most spectacular costumes in the contest that takes place every year. Another of the great attractions for children are the numerous performances and shows that take place in the Plaza del Principe, Europa and La Concordia. There the children can unleash their fantasy and delve into the history of carnival with the activities that the island has prepared for them.

- Cadiz Carnival: Faced with the spectacular parades and floats that surround half the world during this time, the Cádiz Carnival is characterized by the irony and mockery of the Cadiz chirigotas. His sense of humor is what makes this Cadiz carnival so special. In the same way that the grown-ups have space to let their imaginations fly, the little ones make their way into this joyous Carnival to show their great sense of humor in the competition of murgas, comparsas and children's chirigotas that takes place every year.

The Carnivals are approaching and it is time to put on a costume and a mask to go out to celebrate, because above all, life is a Carnival!

Tamara M. Maneiro

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