Symptoms of stillbirth during pregnancy

Symptoms of stillbirth during pregnancy

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The fact that something bad happens to the baby is one of the main concerns that women have when they know they are pregnant. And the death of the baby in the womb is one of the hardest circumstances that a mother and her partner have to go through.

Unfortunately, this situation of fetal death cannot always be prevented, however it is known that good control of the pregnancy by the midwife and the gynecologist reduces the chances.

One of the objectives of obstetric control is to diagnose and / or detect diseases in the mother that could increase the risk of fetal death (see the causes of fetal death of maternal origin), if these women presented they would be taken in units that we call ' high risk 'to be able to monitor the pregnancy more carefully.

In ultrasound controls, some abnormalities in the fetus can be detected, which in many cases can be addressed in utero, or the delivery can be scheduled in a hospital center that has the specialized care that the baby will have at birth.

One of the hardest things about this process is that the mother must give birth to the dead baby. Most commonly, labor begins spontaneously within two weeks of fetal death. If not, or it is diagnosed by the doctor, he will schedule the best time for induction of labor.

One of the main reasons that midwives emphasize in the consultation that the woman notices her baby moving EVERY day from week 26-28, is the best way to monitor fetal well-being.

It can also be confirmed by ultrasound, in which there is no fetal heartbeat.

Death of the baby it can happen without any warning sign, But if the mother notices that the baby moves less than usual or does not, we usually recommend that she eat something cold and sweet and lie on her left side for a few minutes. If you do not notice the baby moving normally, then you should go to the gynecologist for further tests.

Other warning signs are vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain that does not go away ...

If you have any questions, gynecologists and midwives are available to couples to reassure them.

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