Tricks and games to stimulate children's memory

Memory is the ability we have to remember things, with it we can travel to the past and plan the future. They are the experiences that constitute our life.

To stimulate the memory of children and facilitate their learning, we can use reading, songs, tongue twisters, rhymes and games, all fun, attractive and according to their ages. It is essential that children sleep well and are rested to get their attention.

1. To enhance children's memoryWe can start with simple games such as hiding several objects in front of them and then having to search one by one as we ask for them.

2. A trick to remember a series of words and the order in which they are presented, is to form a new word with the initial letters of the words they must remember, for example: Table, tree, nut, bear. If they join the initials of the four words, it will give a new one: HAND and, remembering this word will always make it easier to remember the four words given.

3. Create engaging stories with specific content It will be very effective in stimulating children's memory and learning.

4. Play cover and uncover cards to remember and forming pairs will also give them a good time while exercising their memory.

5. View the images It also gives excellent results for memorizing words and situations, the more exaggerated, colorful and strange we imagine them, we will tell you that the easier it will be to remember them. For example, we can ask the children to memorize the following data:

- The boy who wants to be a firefighter when he grows up is eight years old.

- Swimming and diving is the favorite sport of the child who wants to be a nurse.

- The trucker's favorite fruit is bananas.

- The child who dreams of being an astronaut plays the violin very well.

- The teacher has a black dog as a pet

- He who wants to be a racing driver has two twin brothers.

We will teach children that we can visualize, for example: the first child dressed as a firefighter extinguishing a giant candle with an '8', the nurse with large diving goggles, fins on his feet and a giant thermometer in his hands, the trucker driving a truck loaded with fruit and Huge bananas, the astronaut floating in the sky in his space suit playing the violin for the stars and the moon, the teacher teaching in the classroom, while a pretty black dog barks, wagging its tail happily between the children's desks. And finally, the driver in his race car carrying two big, plump babies with pacifiers in the back seats.

Viewing these images will surely make it much easier to remember the data that you have to memorize.

Isolina is a flea,

who lives where they leave her,

in the tail of a horse,

or in the ear of a sheep.

How it stings and is annoying,

all furious they walk away,

and never finds a home,

do not make a complaint.

Jump the flea Isolina

from tail to ear,

and finally find a home,

in the hair of an old woman.

Finally, I leave you a phrase from Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805): 'An exercised memory is a more valuable guide than genius and sensitivity'

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