Which candle goes out first. Science experiments for kids

Do you want to learn science with children? Doing home experiments is one of the funniest activities that we can share with the little ones in the house. A mix between magic and education that you can achieve with just a few candles and a glass jar.

Playing and learning are ideas that come together in this fun experiment with candles. We explain how to do this experiment step by step and you can also watch it on video. If you want to find out why the candles go out in order, try this fun experiment!

  • 1 large glass jar with lid
  • 1 lighter or matches
  • 3 long candles

Advice: To cut the candles you can use a knife or scissors, with great caution!

1. Cut three long candles to have different heights. Stick them with a little wax on the lid of the glass jar and light them.

2. Place the jar carefully on top of the lid so that the candles are inside, and close it.

3. Check how the candles go out one by one. You know why?

When the candle burns, carbon dioxide and water vapor are created, which accumulate on top, pushing the oxygen down.

Video: Glass and Candle Experiment - Science Projects for Kids. Educational Videos by Mocomi (May 2021).