Causes and symptoms of insecurity in children

Causes and symptoms of insecurity in children

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Child insecurity is a type of fear or fear that children experience in the face of any real or imagined event that involves failure, lose the love or attention of parents or people of special reference. It is a negative emotional state that causes cognitive, behavioral and social alterations.

Knowing the causes and symptoms of insecurity in children will allow us to help them regain their confidence in themselves and to feel loved and valuable in their family, at school and among their peer group.

Among the many causes that can generate feelings of insecurity in children, we will highlight three because we consider them the most important as well as avoidable:

1. Overly strict, authoritarian, or overprotective styles of education that undermine the development of the child's autonomy. These educational styles prevent children from making their own decisions either because parents are afraid that something will happen to their children or because of the rigidity with which they educate them. Be that as it may, in all three types of cases, it is the parents who decide and control what, how and when their child does. This type of education, demanding, rigid or overprotective, causes in the long run:

- Feelings of inferiority in children.

- Loss of self-confidence.

- Loss of self-esteem.

- Fear of being wrong, failing or making any decision since every time the child tries to do anything for himself there is someone who does it for him, prohibits or reproaches him.

2. The lack of affection, affection or explicit rejection. Children need to feel loved, valuable, and important to their parents. Excess criticism or even humiliation has a negative impact on the creation of self-concept and self-esteem in our children. Parents must provide them with a safe and stable family environment so that they can develop an adequate emotional balance that facilitates the development of socio-emotional skills to function adequately in the world.

3. Sibling comparisons and jealousy are unsurpassed. The birth of a sibling can cause feelings of insecurity in the child who thinks that he is no longer important enough for his parents, believing that they pay more attention to the newborn. These feelings can become entrenched if, as parents grow up, we constantly compare children, underestimating the abilities of one and overvaluing those of the other.

The insecure child does not trust himself or his abilities or qualities. Is a boy who doubt about any decision you have to make, with a high sense of ridicule that reduces spontaneity and freshness and prevents making friends or establishing lasting and stable personal relationships. This is a child with low self-esteem and little or no tolerance for frustration, very sensitive to any criticism and who usually surrenders to any setback the first time. In short, we are facing a child who:

- You doubt a lot about any decision you have to make.

- He erases or crosses out his drawings or school exercises a lot.

- Shows fear of error and prefers to inhibit before failing.

- Easily frustrated.

- Obtains poor school performance.

- He is a highly dependent child, not very autonomous, he always asks the adult for help.

- It is difficult for him to make friends and when he does they are children younger than him, with whom he feels more comfortable.

- It is possible that he expresses his insecurity through disobedience and aggressiveness or quite the opposite by being timid, passive or submissive.

- He underestimates himself, does not believe in himself, often verbalizes that he cannot.

- He is a child with many fears, inappropriate for his age or much more intense than one might expect.

- You have nightmares or trouble falling asleep.

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