7 foods that take care of children's hearts

7 foods that take care of children's hearts

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The heart is the symbol of affection, love, affection. As adults we begin to worry about their care, but the ideal would be to do it before, from the earliest childhood age.

Since the cardiovascular system has to last us a lifetime, it is best to take care of it like gold in cloth since we are children. Next we expose a series of food tips to ensure your health to the maximum.

1. Olive oil. Olive oil provides 'good fats'. It acts as a cholesterol modulator, favoring its purification, thereby preventing it from depositing on the walls of the arteries, within what is known as 'atheroma plaques'. These plaques are what end up obstructing the normal flow of blood. We recommend the use of extra virgin olive oil, raw, along with a salad. Make fun salads with your children. Include your favorite fruits, and play with the textures (for example, the contrast between the mushy texture of the tomato and the firm crunch of the toast is very nice).

2. Blue Fish. It provides good fats, type omega 3. Among the blue fish, the most recommended are those of small size, caught near our coasts (for example, a good Malaga anchovy). We can make them in a fry, after wrapping them in chickpea flour. Chickpeas are legumes rich in folic acid, which is one of the favorite nutrients of red blood cells. Remember another trick to make frying healthier: bring the oil to a very hot temperature (180º), and include few items in the pan.

3. Nuts. Pediatricians get very heavy remembering that they cannot be consumed by children under 5 years of age, due to the risk that they will breathe in with them. But above that age, we can offer them. Walnuts, peanuts or almonds (all of them unsalted in excess) can be the excellent culmination of a good meal. They contain good fats, like olive oil or oily fish.

4. Oranges and mandarins. Citrus fruits provide fiber and vitamin C. Fiber helps eliminate excess cholesterol and vitamin C prevents the fat deposited in the arteries from oxidizing. Remember to offer your children seasonal fruits (in Spain, we have these very healthy fruits at the end of Autumn and Winter).

5. Vegetables. They generate passion and hatred in equal parts among the child population. Here's a tip: talk to your kids, and let them choose their favorite presentation. Some will tell you that they like them in salad; others, cooked; others, sautéed with a little oil; others, pureed. Legumes, being rich in fiber, help cholesterol to be eliminated from the body.

6. Cauliflower. Well washed, raw, cut into strips, they are a perfect snack to accompany a mild guacamole, as one day the father of one of my patients recommended to me. Provides fiber in abundance. It can generate a hook effect that makes you try other cabbages, or introduce you to the world of broccoli.

7. Dark chocolate. Although children usually like milk chocolate, the properties of dark chocolate make it the healthiest option. Dark chocolate prevents the oxidation of the atheroma plaque, and contains vegetable fiber.

Inform your child that these are good options for his heart. Complement this good diet with regular practice of aerobic physical exercise, and with good hydration. You know what pediatricians always say: water and natural juices are better than bottled soft drinks.

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