Christmas decorations: fun and creativity

Christmas decorations: fun and creativity

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Approximates Christmas and, among other things, stores and shopping centers offer us an endless variety of decorations to 'create atmosphere' in our homes.

Although we can financially afford to fill our house with tinsel, figures, candles and Christmas decorations, why not take advantage of this occasion for the children to have fun? In addition, it is a good occasion to spend a fun afternoon at home doing crafts as a family.

My husband has told me many times that when he was little, he and his brothers played at building ships with construction parts and creating scenarios of the American Wild West with the toys they had.

They had a blast while finishing the ship or fort, and when they finished it, they stopped playing - the game was the creation of the final toy they didn't play with!

Christmas decoration can be something similar. For our children, it is much more fun than seeing the house full of strips of tinsel to create strips of figures that they have created with the scissors.

Much more exciting than seeing the Nativity Scene is designing, drawing and cutting out, or creating your own figures with clay. Much more entertaining than looking at the brightly colored balls is for them to make their own from cardboard, balloons or aluminum foil.

Think that the more budget we dedicate to having the things we need quickly (choose in the store, place or plug and play), the less time we spend thinking about how to do it ourselves together with our children and we lose what this means in fun, creativity , development of emotional ties and, of course, accumulation of unforgettable moments for everyone.

So, in addition to visiting a shopping center or a bazaar to carry all the decorations we can, we could go to the stationery and load ourselves with 'tools' to create our own Christmas decorations: scissors, colors, paints, glue, glitter, everything. type of cardboard and papers or anything that children can take advantage of to fill the house with a homemade Christmas atmosphere. So Christmas will be something more childish, that is, something more true ...

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