How to tell children the truth about Santa Claus and the Magi

How to tell children the truth about Santa Claus and the Magi

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How to tell our children the truth about santa claus and the Magi? When should we tell them what is behind these stories? A great dilemma for parents, who try with a thousand tricks to delay 'the news' as much as possible.

And, we all remember that feeling of sadness, that landing in reality while the magic volatilizes, that feeling let down and cheated and, finally, that feeling of having wanted to remain in ignorance to be able to enjoy every Christmas the idea that someone magical comes to bring us gifts because we have behaved well.

I learned the truth about the Magi and Santa Claus at 6 years old, too small I think. My best friend's mom decided to open her eyes and explain the truth to her herself before another child did. My friend, she did nothing but tell us all and be that girl her mother wanted to run away from.

I remember the initial sadness and the subsequent nostalgia that caused me to see my little brother believe that he had seen Santa Claus fly with his sleigh because he still did not know the truth. For that moment we all spend in our childhood now, as adults, we have to be a support for when our children know the truth, but how and when?

- There is no specified age, it depends on the maturity of the child, when they begin to ask certain questions or when someone at school decided to tell them.

- If the boy or girl is still very young, you can accompany the story with a bit of fantasy by telling them that sometimes, the Three Wise Men or Santa Claus, They ask their parents for help because they cannot reach all the houses.

- If the child's age or maturity requires a more thorough explanation, address it directly, bluntly but with love. Explain that it is a tradition and as such it has made children of many generations happy. It is a way for children to experience Christmas in a magical way but can still continue to live it that way.

- In case they get angry or feel cheated, let them express your outrage and release your emotions. Tell him that it is not a lie but a way of living Christmas that has made him very happy, and that he can still be so every Christmas with other things: putting the tree, opening the gifts, meeting with the family ...

- Let him feel part of the group of elders and tell him that now he is another 'guardian of the secret'and it has to help other children, siblings or younger family members to believe that Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men have passed by their house and left a gift.

- A talk will not be enough, knowing the truth will make you wonder many things and it is possible that in the following days you will ask many questions. Try to always be there with a smile to clear up all your doubts, listen to them and talk to them as you would have liked them to speak to you when they met.

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