Children must be taught to watch television

Watching television is not bad for children. The bad thing is leaving them hours and hours in front of the television without caring about what they see on the screen. The downside is not planning the time or content that children are exposed to in front of television.

Television is not a babysitter or babysitter. Television is a medium that can both educate and distract and entertain our people, as long as it has a limit.

Before your child begins to watch television, and according to some research it should not be before 2 or 3 years of age, it is necessary to plan the time and the program that he can watch, to avoid what some studies reveal, that the child sees scenes of violence, sex, becoming sedentary and obese, leaving school aside, etc. It is extremely important that as parents we help our children to use television as a positive and creative resource.

Here are some ideas to control how and for how long children can watch television:

1- Limit the child's time in front of television. You need to set the amount of time and time that children can watch TV. The researchers insist that an hour a day is sufficient. On the weekends you can increase a little more time.

2- Be an example for the children. Children model their behavior based on the example of their parents. So be very careful what you see on television.

3- Control what children see on television. Ideally, choose a show, series, cartoon, or whatever is interesting and suitable for children, so that they get in the habit of watching the same thing every day. On the weekends, children can see something different, new, and for longer.

4- Accompany the children in front of the television. Screen time for children is precious to parents. It is a time that parents use to do other things that they cannot do without children. It is not bad. However, it is necessary to watch in case the child does not change channels or if he begins to watch another program. It is necessary to accompany him.

5- Talk to children about what they see on television. It is necessary to add values ​​in what children see. Ask the children what they learn from what they see on television, what they like best and why. And if possible, offer alternatives or accessories of your interest.

6- Offer other alternatives for fun. Watching television many times is more a habit than a treat. So it is necessary to minimize the importance of the screen by suggesting other activities as or more fun than television, such as a good book, stories, children's songs, games at home, games in the park, crafts, etc. Watching television is not everything.

7- Monitor and correct the children's posture in front of the television. Children often watch television lying down, lying down ... sometimes the most comfortable position is not the most correct or the most appropriate behind their backs. So watch your postures!

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