The affective bond of the baby, more than a Right

The affective bond of the baby, more than a Right

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Affection, affection and moral and material security are fundamental for the emotional, social and intellectual development of children. From birth, the emotional bond that parents establish with their baby is so important that it is considered as a fundamental right in the Declaration of the Rights of the child, which every day November 20 celebrates its anniversary.

Article 6 of said declaration maintains that the child, for the full development of his personality, needs love and understanding. Whenever possible, they should grow up under the protection and responsibility of their parents and, in any case, in a atmosphere of affection and moral and material security; except in exceptional circumstances, the young child should not be separated from its mother. Society and public authorities shall have the obligation to take special care of children without a family or who lack adequate means of subsistence.

And it is the lack of affection and affection can delay the normal development of children. In relation to this topic, I remember the impact that reading a study had on me, a work that had been done with babies, who had been left without parents after the Second World War. In all the orphan babies, who were taken in by the services of the different States, the same problem was detected, ardelay in psychomotor development that mainly affected speech.

Although all these babies had their basic needs for food and shelter covered, they lacked a person who would establish a special relationship of affection, affection and communication with them, since the nurses and caregivers of these babies barely had time to care for all the babies and less to spend time with each of them, like a mother would.

Language delay was the most obvious sign of that lack of attachment, affection and emotional bond. And there is nothing better to grow safely than maternal and paternal affection. Nothing comparable to that way of wanting, which we all have so present in life.

So, it is a fundamental right of the child, that whenever possible, it should be protected that the little ones grow up under the protection and under the responsibility of their parents. The lack of affection and affection also produces a significant degree of stress and anxiety in children, and hinders their learning.

Marisol New.

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