Talking to your children about sexual abuse

Talking to your children about sexual abuse

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There are very ungrateful issues, but essential to deal with, parents must be very attentive to the 'silent cries' that our children can throw at us, to avoid dangers and situations, not to put a blindfold on suspicion and anticipate damage: defend children before any abuse, either by other children or adults.

My four-year-old when he wants to say something to me, he does not speak, he shouts, it seems that he has a powerful amplifier attached to his mouth, which thunders anyone who is within 5 meters. It is common for children to raise their voices a lot to speak, they almost shout, but, nevertheless, when we need to hear their voice more, they keep quiet, turn off their smile, hide their faces and are ashamed.

Now is the time to shout and call for help! Most sexual abuse of children is carried out within the same family environment. Although it may seem implausible at times, children do not lie about this, we must teach them to trust us, not to give in to possible threats, to know that we can talk about everything with them.

'Estela, scream really loud!' It is a story about how to avoid this undesirable situation. It tells the story of Estela, a girl who, like so many other children, likes to play and imagine, but, although until recently she liked to play with her uncle, now she does things to him that she does not like at all.

Her teacher teaches her to yell when something unpleasant happens to her or when someone wants to hurt her. It is not easy to approach and explain what sexual abuse is to our children when, thank God, they have not suffered it or when they are still young to understand some sexual aspects, but we have to find the occasion or the excuse to put our children on notice. little ones.

Perhaps a story like Estela's, a news item, a testimony or similar experience ... are an occasion that we should not waste to talk with our son about the dangers in this regard, so that learn to trust us and know that you should not be ashamed to talk about unpleasant topics or experiences.

They must understand that we will hear their cries, that we will never judge or shame them and we will always help you. The sexual abuse of children is something absolutely humiliating, that causes them great damage and that must be persecuted with force, and never go unpunished.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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