Crafts for 3 year olds

On our site we show you ideal children's crafts for 3 year olds. These are very simple and easy crafts for children to do for the little ones in early childhood education.

They are activities that will help them gain agility with the hand and will therefore stimulate their motor coordination. With the help of mom or dad, 3-year-olds can do these crafts for Christmas, Carnival, Halloween or to give for Father's Day or Mother's Day.

On our site we have selected a series of very simple crafts, perfect for 3-year-olds

How to make a home garden. Setting up a home garden is a very suitable activity to share with the little ones in the house. On our site we show you how to make one. In addition to teaching them to remove the earth, to observe and take care of the plants, and thus acquire more love for the environment, it can also represent good savings for the home.

Ladybug with roll of paper. How to make a ladybug out of a toilet paper roll. Turn everyday objects into decorations made with children. our site proposes to make easy crafts for children, recycling the toilet paper rollers that we normally throw away. Children can learn to recycle, playing and having fun.

Duck with an egg. Children's crafts stimulate the development of children, so we suggest you decorate an Easter egg as a very naughty duckling. How to make a duckling for Easter using an egg.

Prince or princess crown. King or queen crown for your children in a very simple way. You only need gold colored pipe cleaners and if you want to make a heart crown, red colored pipe cleaners. our site offers us the step by step of this craft.

Christmas tree with cardboard plates. Christmas tree with cardboard plates. Recycling crafts. GuiaInfantil proposes you to make a Christmas craft for children to entertain themselves during the holidays. Recycling activities.

Ghost mobile for Halloween. Happy Halloween 2015. Guiainfantil proposes the manual elaboration of a ghost mobile. A great and very original idea for children to decorate the house on Halloween. An ideal activity, with which the smallest of the house will have fun developing it.

How to make a paper airplane. How to make a paper airplane with the children. our site teaches us how to make an origami airplane. Make a fun origami plane. A very simple origami craft with which the child can make his own toy, an airplane that soars through the skies.

Sword with balloons. How to make a pirate sword with balloons for children. Our site offers us this video tutorial to learn step by step how to make decorative balloons for children's parties and birthdays. how to make balloon figures. Fun games for children. Easy fun learn balloon twisting. Balloon sword

Frame for Father's Day. Frame in the shape of a fish. Children's crafts for father's day and mother's day. our site offers us to make homemade crafts to make gifts with your children. Easy and simple crafts to do with children.

Card for Mother's Day. A craft for children. Flower card with cupcake molds for children to give on Mother's Day. Children's crafts to give to mom. Homemade cards with message.

Fish with egg cup. Recycling crafts are a good alternative to teach children to take advantage of and value the materials we have at home and that we normally throw in the trash. We suggest you make this puffer fish with egg boxes or egg cups. our site invites you to do this craft with children.

Puppets with ice cream sticks. Learn to make animal crafts step by step in EVA rubber. Easy and fun animal crafts for kids. Puppets with ice cream sticks to play with children.

Heart-shaped card. Heart card for Father's Day. Homemade postcards to make gifts with your children. Easy and simple crafts to do with children.

Christmas card. Christmas tree of hearts postcard. Easy Christmas crafts with cardstock for kids. How to make, step by step, a Christmas card with a tree made of hearts, with the children. Recover the tradition of sending Christmas postcards made by hand.

Paper kite. Fun paper craft for children: a kite. Learn to make a paper kite to play with the children. Easy and inexpensive origami paper crafts for kids. Origami kite, a game to practice origami with children.