Games to practice the phoneme 'J' with children

Games to practice the phoneme 'J' with children

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Some children have difficulties in articulating the j sound, being this distorted, substituted or omitted. On this occasion, we want to give you some game proposals with the aim that they serve you to automate the correct point of articulation that this phoneme requires.

It is important that the activities are playful and do not lead the child to frustration. To do this, we recommend that you carry them out at a time when you are not tired and that you, parents, be the first to show motivation and interest. You know well that if your attitude is lively and you show that you enjoy games, you will more easily make your child have fun too.

These exercises will help to consolidate the articulation point, so it would be good to do them in front of a mirror and with adult supervision at all times. Here are several tasks, all with an attractive title so that this encourages children to participate.

1. Parrot: We will ask the child to become a funny parrot that repeats everything we say. We will start with syllables (ha, ha ha, ha ha and the combination of these: haha, ha ha, ha ha, ...), then we will move on to words (soap, jug, Jesus, giraffe, jewel, June, ...) and, finally, to the sentences ('Javier and Julia eat ham', for example). We recommend that you start with the phoneme j as the initial sound and, later, introduce it in middle or final positions (box, slit, bird, lame, clock, etc.).

2. Tongue twisters: an activity that will get you, sure, big laughs. 'I have an uncle who makes boxes, boxes and drawers, and when I pull the cords, boxes, boxes and drawers come out', for example. Surely you can think of many other tongue twisters.

3. Storytelling: You can write the simple story yourself and, when writing it, replace the words with j with pictures. In this way, it will be the adult who reads, but when arriving at the images, the child must name them. You will see that the little ones love this way of reading a story together.

4. Chatty ball: Take turns and while we throw a ball to each other, we will make lists of words. 'Let's say all the words that we can think of that start with ha'.

5. We are looking for partners: It will consist of playing the classic memory game in which you have to uncover cards until you find the pairs of images, corresponding to drawings that contain the phoneme that interests us. To complete the activity, when a partner is found, we will build a sentence with the word in question.

6. Guess the riddle: we will say simple riddles for the child to discover the answer, which will contain the letter j. Eg: 'Two little children each leaning out of his window; they see it and tell everything without saying a word '(the eyes).

7. From goose to goose and I shoot because it's my turn: A board is made like a Goose made up of drawings with the sound j and with the help of a dice, the players advance until they reach the goal. Every time we land on a box, the corresponding word is said and, if we wish, we can also elaborate a phrase that includes it.

8. The smartest book: we read definitions from a dictionary so that the child can guess the word to which this definition is associated.

These are just some ideas that can help you, but the greatest ally with your children will be, as always, the imagination. That's why I'm sure you can come up with many more proposals with which you will spend hilarious moments, in which you will learn almost without realizing it.

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