The era of moms-grandmothers

The era of moms-grandmothers

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A Dutch lawyer made headlines for being the oldest mother to give birth in Holland. This woman, who gave birth to a girl conceived by in vitro fertilization thanks to an egg and sperm donation, he is 63 years old.

Although in Holland the age limit for in vitro treatments is 45 years Because from that age there are many risks for the mother, this Dutch woman traveled to Italy to undergo this treatment. Later, she gave birth in Holland, beating the record of 57 years held by another woman who had been a mother at that age.

Is the maternal instinct strong enough to endanger health at such an advanced age? What life expectancy can these women offer their children by becoming mothers in the twilight of their days? Rivers of ink have been written about the depression of women in the climacteric, about what it means not to have our reproductive function and when our children go home and we enter fully into the so-called empty nest syndrome. And it is that after a lifetime of work and sacrifices, we need to find "something" that truly fills us.

I suppose these women reach this point, who embark on the adventure of having a baby that fills their life in old age, that lights their dawns with tenderness, that awakens in their hearts the spark of love, that offers them a new reason every day to get up in the morning and, ultimately, make them rejuvenate and feel young again as mothers of a child. New advances in reproductive medicine have made the dreams of many women come true, who have rebelled against the brake of the biological clock and have decided to start it again.

And it is that now, age limits, but does not paralyze, if what you want is to be a mother. Other reasons were those that moved the 61-year-old woman who was a surrogate for her 35-year-old daughter, who was unable to have children. A paradox was the case of a young girl from Chicago who decided to turn to her 61-year-old mother to carry her baby. The ovum is hers and the sperm of her partner, but the uterus has been put by her mother. After her daughter gave birth to dead twins and after watching her suffer a miscarriage on the second attempt, this woman, a mother in her youth of three daughters, generously decided to help her daughter bring her first child into the world. , which is actually his grandson.

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