How orgasm changes after childbirth

How orgasm changes after childbirth

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A woman's body changes constantly from the moment a child is conceived. The physical and emotional changes that the future mother experiences are very great, and will not only be visible during the pregnancyBut after delivery there will also be differences, also on the sexual level.

Although it is a myth that sex during pregnancy speeds up a woman's going into labor, there are other benefits of having sexual intercourse before the baby is born.

Everything will depend on the libido of each pregnant, since it varies according to the person, but it is true that it has positive aspects, such as the fact that it favors the muscles of the vagina or that it can make the future mother feel sensual and desired. Normally, the peak of libido occurs in the second trimester of gestation, since in the first the discomfort can slow it down and in the third, the volume of the abdomen itself and the feeling of heaviness can make the desire decrease.

But beyond sexuality in pregnancy, it is important for many women to know what changes in their sex lives once they have become mothers. Is it true that orgasms They are different? In many cases, sexuality is different once delivery occurs, since vaginal muscles they can be weakened if the delivery is very recent.

On the other hand, it does not happen in all cases, but some women may have problems reach orgasm when they are new mothers, or they can even become painful if they have tried a vaginal delivery. However, over time sex life returns to normal.

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