Glossary of pregnancy terms. Letter M

Glossary of pregnancy terms. Letter M

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Are you pregnant and have questions about different words or terms related to pregnancy? Know the meaning of all of them using the dictionary of doubts of

Here you will find the explanation of the different terms that refer to pregnancy and that begin with the letter M. Knowing all these words related to the health and care of women in pregnancy will help you live it with more peace of mind.


It is the excessive development of the baby, above the weight and size that is considered normal. During pregnancy, the most common cause of macrosomia is gestational diabetes. The uncontrolled intake of sugar causes the baby to grow excessively in size while his organs do not finish developing in some cases.


It is the specialized professional who provides care and attention to the mother from the moment of conception until the puerperium. The role of the midwife is to provide information to the mother, to teach the preparation courses for childbirth, to monitor the evolution of the pregnancy and to carry out some tests during the pregnancy. She will also teach the mother everything related to the first care of the baby.


It is the matter that accumulates in the baby's intestine during pregnancy and that is eliminated at birth when he makes the first bowel movements. It is a viscous substance and its color ranges from dark green to black. It is made up of dead cells and secretions from the stomach. If the baby expels meconium during pregnancy, labor should be induced to prevent it from swallowing it.


It is a type of headache or headache that affects some women during pregnancy. It is not serious but they are a nuisance since during pregnancy you can suffer stronger and more intense pain than before pregnancy, due to the hormonal change that happens in the pregnant woman's body.

Fetal monitoring

It is a test that is performed days before the expected due date to check the baby's health status and if the contractions have already been triggered. The pregnant woman will have to lie on a stretcher while electrodes measure a series of data through a monitor.

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