Videos of crafts to make a Christmas Nativity scene

Videos of crafts to make a Christmas Nativity scene

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Find out how to make a Original and different Christmas nativity scene with these videos in which we explain step by step how to make the Nativity scene figures with recycled materials. In this case, it is plastic bottles.

Follow these video instructions to make these original recycling crafts with the children, a different option to make a personalized Christmas decoration.

If you like drinkable yogurts at home, before throwing away the containers, see what beautiful and original crafts can be made with them. This Nativity scene has been made with tubs of drinkable yogurt. A great way to teach your children to recycle.

Video of Virgin Mary. our site teaches you how to make a Virgin Mary to decorate the portal of Bethlehem at Christmas. Decorate your Christmas with this Virgin Mary made from a bottle of liquid yogurt. Get the entire collection by making this original Nativity scene to celebrate your Christmas with the family.

Video of San José. You can make this Saint Joseph craft and surprise your family with this original Christmas Nativity Scene. The birth will not be the same this year because you can collect the five figurines that our site offers you. In this video we show you how to make a San José with jars of liquid yogurt.

Video of the Child Jesus. This figure of the baby Jesus will be ideal for your Christmas Nativity scene. Learn how to do it step by step and collect the five figures that our site offers you. It will be the best activity to do with your children this Christmas.

Video of the Ox. How to make an Ox for the Bethlehem portal. Decorate Christmas and make your own original Nativity scene with the ideas from our site. You can have a birth with figurines of recycled crafts. Enjoy with your family and get the entire collection to complete the Nativity scene.

Video of the Mule. How to make a Mule for the Bethlehem portal, with recycling material. Enjoy this step-by-step tutorial on how to make a Mule for the Bethlehem portal. The mule is one of the five figures that our site offers you. You can do them all with your family as a Christmas activity.

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