We celebrate International Literacy Day

We celebrate International Literacy Day

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It is a paradox that while in some societies we are competing for access to the most advanced technology at cruising speed, there are still 870 million illiterates in the world, of which 500 million are women.

To them are added the 113 million children who do not have access to education. Not knowing how to read and write increases social inequalities, especially gender inequalities, since women are the most affected by this equation.

One of the great challenges that still remain worldwide is the women's literacy, historically marginalized from access to this knowledge. However, experience has shown that investment in girls' education and consequent empowerment of women translates directly into better nutrition, health and economic performance for their families, their communities and, finally, for their countries. In fact, it is even more effective than investment in male education.

Achieving basic literacy in a society is an important goal. Knowing how to read and write allows each one of the boys and girls of a country to develop an important role in the social and economic life of that society. Reading and writing seems like a simple phrase, but it goes beyond that simplicity. It means knowing how to fill out a form, interpret a newspaper article, or use numbers in everyday life to write a check.

What is going to happen now with all the children who do not learn to operate a computer? Will it be an impediment to their development? A Brazilian pedagogue, Paulo Freire, said a very eloquent phrase that we should all keep in mind: 'literacy is more, much more than reading and writing. It is the ability to read the world, it is the ability to continue learning and it is the key to the door of knowledge. ' Today precisely, which is celebrated on International Literacy Day, since 1967, is a good day to remember it.

I also think it is important to remember today a phrase from UNESCO, which I have collected and which says: 'a literate world is not simply a world where the population can read and write, but where education is one of the means par excellence that serves to enhance human capacities and put them at the service of progress and the common good '. Today, International Literacy Day, UNESCO urges governments, educational institutions and civil society to prioritize and fight against illiteracy, which is the result, to a large extent, of the economic restructuring of the countries that are accompanied by a decrease in per capita expenditures for the basic education.

It seems essential to me to continue the efforts that have been made in the last 80 years to eradicate illiteracy, based on accelerated schooling for the majority of girls and boys in the world. Generally, the illiterate are the most deprived of economic resources and least likely to find a decent job to survive. ANDThese conditions increase social inequalities among the population and decrease the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Marisol New.

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