Breast prostheses and breastfeeding. Myths and truths

Breast prostheses and breastfeeding. Myths and truths

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When a woman wants to breastfeed your newborn baby has many questions that may come to mind. One of them is the one that has to do with the danger that having breast prostheses.

When a woman is about to give birth, it is very common for her to think about the way in which she wants to feed the baby that is on the way, and this may cause you to doubt if you have undergone surgery. breast augmentation.

If I have increased my breast, or had some type of surgical intervention in the area, will I be able to feed my child naturally? This question is usually very common in women who have chest operated and they want to make use of breastfeeding when they become moms.

The truth about this fact is that it should not affect having breast prostheses at the time of feeding the baby, since usually, in the case of silicone,It is inserted behind the pectoral muscle, which will not affect the breast, since the nipple does not usually suffer any damage.

In this way, lactation It is not out of the reach of those women who have undergone a breast augmentation operation. Not only does the silicone itself not affect breastfeeding, but the baby does not suffer any problems. The only downside is that it may cost a little more for you to get that unique moment of latching onto your mother's breast because some duct connecting the breast milk is damaged from the operation.

Another problem that moms with breast prostheses It is if the breast is deteriorated when we are in full lactation, but this does not usually affect its shape.

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