Types of massages in pregnancy

Types of massages in pregnancy

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The massage in pregnancy It is a great way to relieve discomfort externally and naturally. Depending on her ailments, the pregnant woman can receive different types of massage: therapeutic, circulatory, relaxing or lymphatic. The different types of massages in pregnancy they are an effective method capable of relieving pain and the most common discomforts of pregnancy. In addition, due to the well-being they provide, they are an ideal treatment to relax and relieve tension, something that takes on special importance in pregnancy, since stress is a great enemy in pregnancy.

Pregnant women can receive different types of massage depending on their therapeutic or relaxation needs. Each type of massage is intended to improve health in pregnancy and these are all the options you have:

Therapeutic massage in pregnancy is indicated to relieve muscle aches in general. Due to the increase in volume of the abdomen and the change in the axis of gravity of pregnant women, back pain is common in pregnancy. Therapeutic massage for pregnant women is used to relieve some of the most frequent pain such as those caused by muscle contractures or sciatica.

Specifically, sciatica, which is the inflammation of the sciatic nerve, produces intense pain in the lower back, which can spread to the rest of the leg. Consequently, the pregnant woman may lose her balance and rest is recommended. Massaging the affected areas relieves pain and helps reduce muscle tension.

Circulatory massage in pregnancy can be performed from the fourth month of pregnancy to activate the circulation and venous return of the pregnant woman. In this way, both varicose veins and problems with fluid retention can be prevented. Circulatory massage focuses on the lower extremities and begins from the feet to the ankles, calves, and thigh. The upward direction of the massage improves blood circulation and the irrigation of the lymphatic tissue with two objectives: to reduce the heaviness in the legs caused by the difficulty of venous return in pregnancy and to reduce swelling or the risk of swelling due to the accumulation of fluids .

The stress or anxiety that affects many women in pregnancy can be reduced with a relaxing massage. The relaxation sessions provided by the massages help to relax the body and mind. These massages can be generic or received in different areas of the body, according to the woman's taste. Those performed on the head and feet, as well as on the back in the nape area, are especially relaxing. These massages should be enjoyed in a calm and welcoming environment.

Lymphatic drainage for pregnant women is one of this physiotherapeutic massage technique that is indicated to reduce excess fluid retention during pregnancy. It is especially recommended in the last trimester of pregnancy, since it is when the symptoms of swelling in the feet and ankles are very evident and uncomfortable for the pregnant woman. When fluid retention is very intense, it can prevent you from maintaining normal daily activity. Lymphatic drainage consists of massaging the affected areas to channel the retained fluid into the bloodstream and thus facilitate its elimination by natural means.

Among the benefits of massage in pregnancy, it should be noted that massage can be an excellent substitute for some medicines, such as analgesics, against pain that should only be used with the consent of the doctor. It is also important to remember that at home, alone or with your partner, you can practice perineal massage in pregnancy, which helps to avoid episiotomy in childbirth, a cut that is made in the perineum to facilitate the delivery of the baby and that avoid tears.

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