Doman method to improve the learning of babies and children

Doman method to improve the learning of babies and children

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The Doman Method was designed by a team of neurologists and brain injury specialists led by Dr. Glenn Doman, who start from the premise that learning ability peaks the younger the child, being this superior to the one that will be able to reach the rest of his life.

After verifying the magnificent results obtained in children with cerebral palsy in their numerous investigations, Doman's team considered the possibility of adapting these principles, programs, techniques and methods to all types of children, in order to develop to the maximum all the sensory areas of the brain.

This method has been designed so that parents can put it into practice with their babies, in an easy, enjoyable way and adapted to the characteristics and needs of the little one. There are many programs that it has, but the most popular are: bits of intelligence, reading and math.

Among the different benefits that can be obtained, it should be noted that:

- Increases attention and favors concentration of children on homework.

- Develops and stimulates the brain to help create neural connections.

- Stimulates memory and learning.

- Contributes to the visual and auditory development of the child.

This method can be put into practice from the first year of life or even earlier since this method considers the different limitations that children may present at these ages, such as visual acuity, attention, etc. That is why its practice requires very little time.

They work with striking materials and whose size is ideal so that the child's visual acuity can capture them. It also requires a loving and enthusiastic attitude on the part of the parents, which will make this activity fun and attractive for the child eager to receive new information.

The reading program will work as if it were a game time and keeping in mind:

- The child will be presented with five categories of five different words each (25 words). Throughout the program and progressively we will show the child from single words, pairs of words, simple phrases, sentences and, finally, simple stories that will be of interest to him.

- These words will be displayed 3 times a day for 5 days (then these words will change). This process will not require much more than one minute per session.

- The size of the letters will be the ideal one to satisfy the needs of thick and fine vision of the child, and their size will decrease throughout the program.

Zoraida del Paso

Degree in Pedagogy

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