6 keys to choosing a stroller for twins

6 keys to choosing a stroller for twins

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The more experiences and knowledge we acquire with our children, the more our desire to pass them on to other parents increases. That is what happened 5 years ago to Lourdes Ferrer and Daniel Bezares, after the birth of their two twin daughters. Thanks to this, the couple decided to take a personal and professional turn in their lives, creating Tot-a-Lot, a place where you can find products and information about the world of twins.

One of the tips they offer and that I think may be one of the concerns of many parents of twins is how to choose the ideal chair or stroller for their little ones. If you are expecting twins, surely at some point it will be your turn and your partner to dive into the difficult world of finding a perfect twin chair or stroller for your offspring.

6 keys to choosing the ideal chair or stroller for twins

1- Think about the characteristics of the cart, as transport of newborns: This is a decision to make that will depend on the space they have, your budget, the style with which they identify more and that they seek practicality to a greater or lesser extent.

2- Think about the uses that you will give to the cart: What use do you want to give it and what are your tastes? How will you usually move around with the stroller? For quiet walks on smooth and even ground or to go to the field? Elegant, pretty and chic, or aesthetic but rather practical, long-suffering and ready for any trot? Classic or modern cut?

3- Think about the position of the babies. Decide if you want the children to ride side by side or in a row: There are several types of twin chairs or strollers, which fall into two main categories: in line or in parallel. Each one has advantages and disadvantages, which you will have to assess, according to its functionality, its handling, models, size and weight, position of the seats, etc.

4- Take into account the height and strength of the person or people who will carry the stroller: It is clear that the stroller will not be as heavy for a 55kg mother as for an 85kg father, but it is always a plus for it to be as light as possible. As you cannot always have everything, you will have to weigh all the factors in order to decide.

5- Think about the size of the cart. If the space you have to transport the cart or to store it is not very large, measure it: It is necessary to take the measurements of the cart well to know if it fits in the trunk of your car. They should also take into account the accessories since if the idea is to carry the babies in a carrycot for the first months, these will also have to fit in the trunk.

6- Decide how much money you can or want to spend. First, you will have to ask what characteristics you are not willing to give up and from there discard the carts that do not have them. Then, among those that you have left, decide which chair or stroller best suits what you plan to spend.

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