Games to stimulate the vision of babies from 10 to 12 months

Games to stimulate the vision of babies from 10 to 12 months

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Babies from 10 months of age already have a certain mobility capacity, some crawl and others even begin to take their first steps. At this age they are already able to grasp objects and can clearly see their surroundings.

Therefore, your vision adapts to your new needs and abilities. But in addition, we can help them by doing simple activities and games at home that will enhance the development of their visual ability.

At this stage, babies begin to work with both eyes at the same time and begin to develop hand-eye coordination, although this will not be completed until the age of 3 or 4. But how to stimulate the vision of the almost one-year-old baby?

- Place objects that are far away so that they can detect them and advance to them to grab them.

- Locate objects on the ground that are not toys so that they can get around them, it is about them learning to calculate distances.

- Use box sets or buckets so they have to fill or empty them. This way they can practice focusing as they will have to look at different distances.

- For promote proprioception, that is, the perception of the different parts of the body, we can grab him by the waist and lift him up and down while trying to make him look us in the face.

- Work the eye-hand coordination rolling balls with sounds or colors so that he goes after them or tries to catch them.

It is important that all the activities we carry out are done on both sides of the visual field, in this way we will be able to stimulate both the baby's eyes equally.

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