Mom's tricks

Mom's tricks

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Moms and dads face daily situations with our children that test our ingenuity, and we do not know how difficult it can be to cut a baby's nails until we get to it, or how difficult it can be to feed an inappetent baby and even how many decibels can reach the cry of a child who does not want to sit in the car seat. Our cunning are, after all, tricks that we use to achieve the well-being of our children.

In We like to share these tricks of mom and dad, since surely in the ingenious ideas of other parents we can find the solution to our problem. For this reason, we have asked our followers on Facebook what tricks they put into practice in their day to day and ... We have received more than 250 tricks from mom! Do you want to know some?

1. Tips for eating: One of the great workhorses of many parents is mealtime. For this reason they resort to tricks such as singing their children's favorite song, putting the pictures they like the most or telling them a story with a lot of theatricality so that they do not realize that while they listen, the spoon comes and goes. Other parents prepare food with fun shapes and colors so that they are attractive to children and ... they even hide the vegetables in other more attractive dishes for them such as pizzas. Seating the children with the elders at the table and letting them learn by imitation is another recommendation from our moms and dads. A really fun trick from another mom is to put the washing machine on so her children can entertain themselves with the noise, the lights and the laps.

2. Tricks to leave the diaper: A dad told us a really clever idea. They sat the baby on the potty and asked him to push himself, while they lit a candle in front of him, because he loved to blow them out. Once the child had pooped or peed, he could turn off the candle and everyone was clapping. Another mother tells us that she succeeded by talking to her daughter as if she were older, they played games that encouraged the independence and autonomy of the girl and little by little she was getting her to put off the 'baby' diapers.

3. Hygiene tips: the body cream is so cold that some babies find it unpleasant to feel it on their skin, so some moms before massaging the baby with the cream, bring their hands to the radiator to warm it. To cut the baby's nails they have told us thousands of tricks: do it when the baby is asleep, put the drawings on it, do it after the bath when they are soft, during breastfeeding ... To wash the baby's clothes almost all mothers tell us that it is better to pour soap directly on the stain and put the garment to soak as soon as possible.

4. Tricks to help the baby walk: Putting objects that the baby can grab on to, letting him hold onto something that has begs, go in front of him and go backwards so that he tries to catch us and move us so that he takes little steps are some ideas that the parents.

What other tricks do you know?

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