How to explain to children what onomatopoeia is

How to explain to children what onomatopoeia is

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Onomatopoeia are words that imitate sounds, they can be from natural phenomena, such as rain or wind, from sounds emitted by animals, such as barking, snorting, etc., also from bells, knocks, or any sound that when pronounced sounds of similarly, that is why they help us to make a much more real mental image.

Onomatopoeias are widely used in comics and comics. They are sounds like 'wow', to express surprise, or 'splash' to indicate a blow or contusion.

They can be onomatopoeias of animals, means of transport, actions or even feelings. The great advantage of using onomatopoeia is that children find it fun and it can break up the monotony of a text that is long or difficult to understand.

The stories that can be made up with onomatopoeia are endless and can be very fun and creative. I encourage you to invent one by imitating the sounds and gestures that animals make, you will enjoy both children and adults. If you dare, you can even add rhyme to the story.

Knock Knock!

Anyone there?


Brrrrr, how cold it is in here!

Uuuuhhhh, how the wind blows!

Ploc, ploc, it starts to rain!

Tick, tick, the clock strikes three.

Yum yum I'm going to eat!

then in silence, shisss, shisss

I have slept a while. Zzzzz, Zzzzz

Riiiing, riiiing, riiiing

(the telephone rings)

Meow! and the cat meowed.

Poof! The rest is over!

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