Extreme yoga for babies. The video that outrages all parents

Extreme yoga for babies. The video that outrages all parents

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Hands hold the baby tightly and shake him from side to side. They move him up and down, they move him sideways, he circles ... with very fast movements. So much so that the baby does not have time to react, to see what is happening. And he cries, cries with all his might.

It could look like a scene of child abuse. And yet they 'sell' it as a new form of extreme yoga for babies. Is this really yoga?

No one doubts the advantages and benefits of well-practiced yoga for mothers and babies. Meditation and relaxation are good, at any age. But when yoga becomes a cluster of spasms and dizzying movements, what benefits can it bring?

The images in this video speak of violence. Of helplessness. Scary. We can almost feel the anguish of the little one.

The woman puts the little boy in a bucket of water over and over again. He grabs him by the arms and jerks him around. The baby cannot defend himself.

These images have caused the outrage of thousands and thousands of people who hardly knew anything about the existence of this type of yoga (extreme Yoga, they call it). In fact, the British body in charge of ensuring the prevention of childhood cruelty, has already sent its complaints.

The extreme yoga, by the way, it was an invention of a Russian yoga instructor (it is attributed to Igor Charvkoski), who assures us that although it seems somewhat violent, this type of exercise is very beneficial for the little ones. Among other things, he says, it builds skills in babies and exercises and tones their muscles.

A baby should never be roughly shaken or shaken. The injuries it can cause can be very serious. They can even cause brain injury. This is called Shaken Baby Syndrome, and it occurs mostly in roughly shaken babies before one year of age. The reason: the newborn's neck does not yet have the strength to stand upright. Being more fragile, he cannot control his head, which moves without stopping. The brain takes all the hits, which can cause internal bleeding, mental retardation, irreparable damage to the spine or blindness.

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