Summer with the children. Water safety

Pass a good summer with the kids It depends on how seriously we parents apply a series of fundamental recommendations to cool off on hot days and prevent the risks that holidays have in relation to the safety of children on the beaches and in the swimming pools.

If you are going to travel and go on vacation with your family, do not forget to take extreme security measures in the sand of the sea or swimming pools to prevent not only accidents, but also that children get foot fungus by walking barefoot, suffer with the otitis, have digestion problems.

So that the summer with your children passes in peace and tranquility, has prepared a series of useful tips to avoid problems with children in the water, such as drowning and other accidents, allergies, and other diseases.

How to avoid otitis in children. The pool and the sea are places of fun for children, but also a source of possible ear infections. If you want to prevent painful otitis, keep these tips in mind.

10 tips to avoid drowning. 10 tips so that children do not drown in swimming pools. How to prevent children from drowning in swimming pools. Decalogue to prevent children from drowning in swimming pools. What are the basic rules that we must follow to be able to take care of the safety of children and babies in the swimming pools.

When the child jumps headlong into the pool. Diving headfirst off the edge of a swimming pool is a feat for many young children. Knowing in depth the technique to jump into the pool like an arrow is not the only thing that is needed. Motivation is just as important as safety for children who want to learn to dive into the pool.

Dangerous dives of children. I have just come back from a mini-vacation and during these days my hairs have risen to see children playing and diving into the water in places that are not appropriate for their safety. And is jumping from trees, from rocks on the cliffs or in shallow places in the pool can cause dangerous injuries and trauma, especially when they are thrown headfirst.

Extreme vigilance of children in the pool. All mothers have a certain obsession with swimming pools and for many of us it is a priority that our children learn to defend themselves in the water as soon as possible so that they can come out on their own.

Safe children in the pool. Drowning deaths among children under the age of 14 are up nearly 90 percent in the summer from the rest of the year, according to Safe Kids Worldwide. We give you a series of tips to keep children safe in the pool. Safety tips for children in summer.

Ear discomfort in the pool. Video in which Dr. Gracia Aránguez talks to us about the care parents should have with children's ears in swimming pools, both in summer and winter. Tips to prevent children from getting an ear infection or otitis. Recommendations on how to prevent childhood otitis.

Protect the baby in the pool. When it's hot and you decide to get into the pool with your baby, I suggest you consider some tips to protect and care for your son or daughter and enjoy the experience to the fullest. With these security measures you will not be exposed to risks in the pools such as illnesses or accidents.

Attention to the chlorine in the pool. Beware of chlorine and children's behavior in swimming pools

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