Recommendations for visiting the newborn and the mother

Recommendations for visiting the newborn and the mother

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The birth of a baby is an event and right away we want to go meet the newborn and give the new mother a hug. Not so fast. We must stop to reflect on the needs of the mother and the baby, who may prefer to be calm, rest and meet alone. So if you are going to the hospital to visit a newborn and the happy momKeep these recommendations in mind so that your visit is not annoying.

- It is not advisable to go to the hospital in the first 24 hours. Both the baby and the mother should rest, so it is not advisable to make a phone call to congratulate her. It is better to send an SMS or WhatsApp to give the Congratulations and by the way communicate that you will stop by the hospital one of these days.

- The visit must be brief. Whatever happens, do not extend your visit to the hospital, neither because there are more acquaintances there, nor because you think you do not bother. Visiting a newborn should be brief for two reasons: the first is that both mother and father need to enjoy the baby alone, after nine months of waiting; the second is to make way for the rest of the visits so that people do not accumulate in the room.

- If you are going to bring any details for the newborn, keep in mind if they have any older brother. You will also have to bring something for him and so he will not feel so displaced by all the attention that the newcomer will monopolize.

- Give up meeting the newborn in the hospital if you are constipated or with some other disease. Keep in mind that the baby still has no defenses and that the mother is very weak.

- It is not convenient to hold the newborn in your arms, or touch it, or kiss it. Much less if you find him calm, asleep or nursing. Passing the baby from one hand to the other is a very stressful for any baby and also for the mother.

- At no time give any advice unless they ask you to. No matter how experienced you are and how new the new mom may be, don't give advice on this first visit to the hospital.

Laura Velez. Writer of GuiaInfantil

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