Dinosaur drawings to print and color with children

With these drawings of dinosaurs you can print and color with children


The Giganotosaurus it was a giant dinosaur and very fast. Only his head could measure about 2 meters. It was very large compared to others, it could be up to 13 meters long and a well-built adult could weigh almost 14 tons. Their legs were very powerful and could run at about 50 km per hour, making them very effective and fast hunters. Its name comes from the Greek and means 'giant reptile'.

Print this drawing and then invite your child to color it. You can have a great time together. The important thing is to connect with the children.

The risks to babies from dinosaurs they were that they were eaten by other dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were very diverse and ruled the Earth for about 160 million years. Print out this lovely dinosaur baby drawing for your child. You will love it. believe that painting or coloring pictures with children is a way to connect with your children.

The dinosaurs they reproduced by means of eggs that varied in shape and size depending on the species. One of the peculiarities that baby dinosaurs did when they were inside the eggshell is that they constantly twisted to form better. The largest dinosaur eggs ever found reach up to 60 cm in length.

Give this drawing to your child. You just have to print it here for free and then pass it on to your child so they can paint it. Connect with your child through the pictures.

This dinosaur is one of those that most attracts the attention of children. It lived in the Cretaceous period 80 million years ago and was characterized as one of the most dinosaurs we can thanks to the armor that protected the upper part of its body. It had spines from behind the head to the tail, it was about 7 meters long and about 2 meters high. And it weighed just over 2 tons. It was herbivorous. invites you to print this drawing for your child and color it with him. You can connect with your children through this fun activity that is painting and coloring pictures.

This dinosaur was a giant herbivore. It lived at the end of the Jurassic era, approximately 160 million years ago. The Stegosaurus It was a four-legged, herbivorous dinosaur that could measure nine meters long and four meters high, and weigh up to three tons. All over its upper body, from neck to tail, it had plaques in double rows.

If you want your child to color this drawing, print it here for free. believes that drawing, painting or coloring with children is a way to connect with them.

In Greek, its name means 'Lizard with thorns'. TheTriceratops it was one of the largest dinosaurs. Its weight could reach up to 3 tons and it used to be about 2 meters long. It walked on all fours and had a short tail. It lived around 70 million years ago in North America and one of its most important characteristics is its horns. invites you to print this drawing to later color it with your child. Drawing, coloring or painting pictures is a very suitable way to connect with children.

Although the Pterosaurs is considered a dinosaur, they were actually flying reptiles and not dinosaurs. They are recognized as the first flying vertebrates that dominated the skies and trees for more than 160 million years. They were carnivores and fed on dead fish, mollusks, crustaceans, plankton, insects, and land animals.

Print this drawing of Pterosaurs for your children for free and have some fun with them. bet that painting and coloring pictures with children is a way to connect with them.

The dinosaur Diplodocus It belonged to the Sauropod family and they were usually herbivores, that is, they ate plants. It had a very long neck and a small, elongated head. Its legs were very strong, but its most characteristic feature was its enormous tail, ending in the shape of a whip. Its large size, it may have reached about 54 meters long and weighed about 10 tons, was its best defense against predators. believes that painting and coloring pictures with children is the best way to connect with them. Therefore, print this drawing and then invite your children to color them. You dare?

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the most famous and favorite dinosaurs of children. Like the other dinosaurs, the Tyranosaurus Rex it was born from an egg. The female buried the eggs in the ground and the dinosaur was born within a month. It used to be 13 meters long and weighed about 8 tons.

It had huge jaws and teeth that were about 8 inches long. They were carnivores and their bite was very strong. invites you to print and color this drawing to connect with your child.

The name of this dinosaur comes from the Greek, where brachion means arm. Its long neck allowed it to feed on the high branches of the trees. It weighed up to 60 tons and could be about 25 meters long.

If your child likes BrachiosauruYes, print out this drawing and help your little one color it. bet that you connect with your children through the drawings.

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