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Tips to Get Pregnant Videos

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Getting pregnant is not always easy for a couple. It can be a very long and frustrating process for some or very short and almost instantaneous for others. When a woman decides to get pregnant, it is advisable for both she and her partner to consider some factors such as the conception process, the health conditions of both the man and the woman, some pregnancy planning guidelines, as well as the difficulties and problems that may arise to achieve the much desired pregnancy. All this and much more, the couple will be able to achieve with these videos of tips to get pregnant and with medical help.

Thinking about it, has prepared a series of tips to get pregnant videos with which couples who want to have children, will be able to learn more closely and in a very comfortable way, everything they need to know about how to achieve a pregnancy. Here they are:

How to get pregnant. When the pregnancy does not come. Some women start to get impatient when after a period of intercourse pregnancy does not come. Gynecologist at Hospital La Paz in Madrid offers us some medical advice to achieve the desired pregnancy.

Fertility techniques. Discover the new fertility techniques that can help couples who have infertility problems or who have been trying for a year and the woman does not get pregnant to achieve pregnancy. We talk about fertility and pregnancy and how to get there.

How to calculate your fertile days. If the goal is to achieve pregnancy, it is best to try it on the most fertile days. our site offers an ovulation calculator, to know when the woman ovulates and increases the chances of achieving pregnancy. With our ovulation calculator, you will be able to know your fertile days.

Stress, cause of infertility. How to plan pregnancy. How stress influences trying to get pregnant. Many women say that after a year of trying, they only managed to get pregnant after a vacation.

What is endometriosis. In this video we explain what endometriosis is and how it affects the reproductive system of women. Relationship between endometriosis and difficulty conceiving a child. Gynecologist Antonio González explains the causes, symptoms and treatments of endometriosis.

The diagnosis of infertility. How to diagnose infertility. Assisted reproduction methods. The gynecologist Victoria Verdú advises us on the diagnosis of sterility.

Pregnancy from 35 years of age. What are the risks of getting pregnant at 35 years or older. The age to become a mother is increasingly delayed, even after 35 years. For this reason, our site has collected some advice from gynecologist Antonio González for women who are delaying their motherhood.

Tricks to get pregnant. Getting pregnant can sometimes be a complicated and difficult task for some couples. Do not miss the interview with Dr. Antonio González, gynecologist at the La Paz hospital in Madrid, who reveals the secrets to achieving a pregnancy.

How to prepare for pregnancy. We tell you what you must take into account if you want to achieve a pregnancy. Dr. Antonio González tells you what you should take into account to make it easier for you to get pregnant. We talk about the fertility of the couple who wants to have children and cannot.

When pregnancy is contraindicated. The gynecologist explains when the preconception consultation can advise against pregnancy, the head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology service at the Hospital La Paz in Madrid points out in which cases it is inadvisable to get pregnant.

Hormonal treatments for pregnancy. This is an educational video to get pregnant. The gynecologist explains if hormonal treatments can have some kind of undesirable consequences for health, such as certain side effects and in which specific cases it can occur according to the techniques.

The second pregnancy after an abortion. When to get pregnant again after an abortion. In this video, Antonio González, medical doctor of the gynecology service, explains to us in this educational video what care a woman should follow to achieve a second pregnancy after a spontaneous abortion, and how long after the abortion she should try to become pregnant.

Pregnancy and hereditary diseases. What can we do to avoid giving our child a hereditary disease. Preventing the transmission of hereditary diseases is essential to preserve the good health of the future baby. Gynecologist Antonio González answers all questions about fertility.

Plan the pregnancy. To plan the pregnancy it is important to go to a preconception consultation. This is im Educational Video with tips on how to get pregnant. Among them, the head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Service of the La Paz Maternal-Infant Hospital, in Madrid, talks about folic acid.

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Video: How to conceive naturally: Tips from a fertility doctor (November 2022).